Paulie Cerra and Lee Thornburg Playing With Joe Bonamassa at Red Rocks

Joe-Bonamassa-5-resizePaulie Cerra and Lee Thornburg have been part of Bonamassa’s touring band for some time now. With the British Blues Explosion tour being a special run of tribute shows, Paulie and Lee got some well deserved time off or at least that’s what the game plan was. Paulie posted on his blog today, confirming he and Lee Thornburg will be making the trip to Red Rocks for the show on July 19th.

I’ve been off tour for a bit from Joe Bonamassa’s band and have been relaxing, writing, practicing and just enjoying being home. Lee Thornburg and I were supposed to be off until the September run to Australia and New Zealand, but we got the call to come to the Red Rocks show with Joe on July 19th. I hope to see some familiar faces there. It’ll certainly be a blast!

As you most likely know, the July 19th show in Red Rocks is in the only stop stateside for the British Blues Explosion tour. And now, it’s also the most unique with the addition of the two fabulous musicians. Enjoy the show!



Work Continues on Bonamassa and Hart’s Third Studio Album


News has been circulating sometime now that Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart will be coming out with a third studio album. Although we don’t know of an exact release date, we do know that it’s in the works. Word of the new studio album was recently brought back to life by a tweet from Beth Hart’s twitter account. Will this album be released in 2016 or 2017? Who knows, but we are sure looking forward to it. Stay tuned for more updates!

Black Country Communion Coming Back To Life In 2017


Yesterday was a crazy day on social media for members of Black Country Communion and producer Kevin Shirley. Members Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and producer Kevin Shirley all confirmed the band’s return, which is slated for 2017. The frenzy first came to life while browsing Facebook and coming across Jason Bonham’s Facebook Page. The madness then carried on with posts from Glenn Hughes and Kevin Shirley.

Black Country Communion will feature all original members – Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian and Jason Bonham. With the mentioning of the comeback taking place in 2017, that will give the boys plenty of time to record a new studio album and hopefully hit the road with a tour coming to a city near you.




Unique Joe Bonamassa Art Work Captured On Camera

While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a pretty cool video on YouTube. The video showcases artist Steve Fletcher drawing  Joe Bonamassa while he was playing at Mr. Kyps in 2015.

Fletcher recorded himself doing the drawn and then sped it to a million miles per hour. You can watch the video below and see the entire drawing come to life in just under 3 minutes. According to the video’s description, the drawing is for sale. It would be a nice addition to any Bonamassa collection.

Joe Bonamassa 2016 Fall Pre-Sale Codes Now Available


We’ve been getting a lot of emails over the past few days about Joe’s upcoming 2016 Fall Tour. Lots of you have been asking what the pre-sale codes are. Good news is, we got them. A lot of you are also asking how do I join Joe’s fan club to get access to these codes? Back in the day, pre-sale codes were emailed to fans who had joined Bonamassa’s Street Team, via the Street Team website. Street Team members would register and include their location. Based upon your location, that would indicate the codes you would receive. That has changed.

All pre-sale codes are now posted on Joe’s Official Forum. If you have not visited the forum before, now would be the perfect time to do so. You’ll get to talk about Joe Bonamassa and connect with fellow fans who all share the same interest as you do – the love of Joe Bonamassa and his music. You’ll feel right at home and are for sure to make some great friendships.

With that being said, here are the list of pre-sale codes for Joe’s upcoming tour. Pre-sales started March 29th, but are still active in most markets.

7/19    Morrison, CO            MORJOE16
11/15   Kitchner, ON, CAN    JOEKIT16
11/16   Toronto, ON, CAN     TOR16JOE
11/18   Buffalo, NY              JOEBUF16
11/19   Westbury, NY           16WNYJOE
11/21   Hartford, CT             JOEHRT16
11/22   Red Bank, NJ           RDB16JOE
11/23   Richmond, VA          16RCHJOE
11/25   Durham, NC             JOE16DUR
11/26   Baltimore, MD          BLTJOE16
11/28   Youngstown, OH      16YNGJOE
11/29   Columbus, OH         COL16JOE
11/30   Cincinnati, OH         JOECIN16
12/2     Fort Wayne, IN        16FTWJOE
12/3     Indianapolis, MD     IND16JOE
12/6     Lexington, KY         LEXJOE16
12/7     Memphis, TN         JOE16MPH
12/9     Tulsa, OK              16TULJOE
12/10   Dallas, TX              DALJOE16
12/13   Tucson, AZ            JOETUS16
12/14   San Diego, CA       SND16JOE
12/16   Los Angeles, CA    LA1JOE16
12/17   Los Angeles, CA   JOE16LA2

Best of luck securing tickets and we’ll continue to bring you pre-sale codes in the future.

Photo by Marty Moffatt



Bonamassa’s Blues of Desperation – His Best Yet

water/bm book 1/04

It’s pretty crazy to sit here and think that I am writing a review for Joe Bonamassa’s 17th studio album. Personally, I’ve been listening to Joe Bonamassa since 2002. I discovered Joe when I went to see B.B. King’s Blues Fest. Joe had played on the west coast leg of the tour and even though he wasn’t playing at the show I was at, they played So It’s Like That in its entirety during intermission. Being 14, my parents bought me a concert tour t-shirt and his name was on it. That’s what started it all and I was instantly hooked to Bonamassa’s music. Blues of Desperation brings us a different side of Joe. As Joe says in his liner notes “My mandate for the album was… write songs you believe in and hope for the best”. Needless to say, this is Joe’s best to date… Let’s get started with this album review!


Blues of Desperation kicks off with This Train, which is a current aged blues song with a rock n’ roll twist. Bonamassa performed this song on his 2016 winter acoustic tour, which hit many great cities among the east cost of the United States and ended at New York City’s prestigious Carnegie Hall. This Train is a song that will make you want to get up, jump and shake it all out. It’s also a nice addition to hear background singers on this song.

Mountain Climbing is the second song off of Bonamassa’s Blues of Desperation. This song is kicked off with nothing but Joe’s beautifully, yet skilled guitar playing. As he is picking note by note, the song leads right into a rock song. For those of you that are familiar with Bonamassa’s previous work, you’ll notice this song has small hints and flavors of Blue and Evil off his Black Rock album.

No Good Place For The Lonely is a deep, dark blues song. Yes, that pretty much nails it on the head. This is so far is my favorite track off the album. We get to hear some raw Joe on this track. He unleashes his guitar playing like never before. I always think that Joe can never top himself musically and he always does. The guitar solo in this song cannot be described with words. My jaw will be on the floor for a long time with this one and let’s hope he adds it to the set list.


Blues of Desperation is up next and is the title track. What makes this song unique is the amplified talkbox opening. It gives the song a bit of a Peter Gabriel feel. This is not something Bonamassa has done before – he also brings back the long last Theremin that we all loved so much from his live performance of The Ballad of John Henry. This song is a slide guitar masterpiece, which is guaranteed to make any guitarist drool.

The Valley Runs Low, another hit from this winter’s acoustic tour. Joe takes a different turn with this song, as it is a bit of a softer hit in Bonamassa’s catalogs. Even though it is a bit of a softer song, this song compliments the album perfectly. It’s great to see Joe including so many different genres of music.


Distant Lonesome Train is up next on this beautiful adventure. This song is powered by drums. By saying that, I mean lots of drums. Powerful ones. Powerful kick drums that hit you right in the chest. This song might be the song on the album that best fits the rock genre. It’s a perfect fit, as we hit mid song and Joe is in a one on one battle going on and off, chop after chop. Literally a masterpiece, which leaves you wondering what else this man is capable of. I can’t imagine how Joe played guitar on this song. Joe takes over center stage shortly thereafter, making his guitar roar and howl like I haven’t heard before.

Blues of Desperation is brilliant from start to end. I’m excited to see what else Joe has in store for us in the future. Joe Bonamassa’s spring tours kicks off on April 23rd in Long Beach, CA. This tour will take Joe into his British Blues Explosion tour, honoring Beck, Page and Clapton. Catch Joe on the road and be sure to grab a copy of Blues of Desperation – you won’t be disappointed.


British Blues Explosion Makes Stop At Red Rocks


Joe’s one of a kind tour is making it’s only stop in the United States at Red Rocks. Much like last year’s 3 Kings Tour which honored B.B. King, Albert King and Freddie King, this tour will honor the kings of the British Blues Invasion. Can you take a guess at who those kings are? Well that’s easy, if you ask me. Joe’s British Blues Explosion tour will honor the music of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. Previously, when the tour was first announced, we thought that only our friends over the pond would get to see this magnificent tour. Not anymore!

The stop at Red Rocks will happen on July 19th. It will be Joe Bonamassa’s third appearance at Red Rocks. I honestly feel that tickets for this show will sell out. Not only because of the beautiful historical venue where the concert will be held, but also because this is the only stop in the United States for this special one off show.

A ticket package is already up on Joe Bonamassa’s website. The package is priced at $1,999 and includes everything from an open bar, to a hotel room and of course tickets. The seats included with the package are guaranteed to be within the first 4 rows. And did we mention that it includes a special lithograph? It’s also limited 100 packages. To check out the package on Joe’s website, click here. We don’t know when tickets will be on sale to the public, but we’ll let you know when we find out. Denver’s local PBS affiliate also has tickets for sale, so you may want to check that out too. Hope you can make it to Red Rocks this upcoming July!


Blues of Desperation Live – Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea

Several weeks ago the second annual Keeping The Blues Alive cruise set sail to Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise ship left from Miami, Florida. With it being Joe’s cruise, he invited a lot of great talent to play on the ship including Beth Hart, Josh Smith, Jim Suhler and Kirk Fletcher to name a few. Our friend Natasha brought her camera along and filmed every single song.

Here’s a clip from Joe’s show out on the pool deck. Even in the rain, this guy can shred like no other. Enjoy the live video of “Blues of Desperation”, which is the title track from Joe’s new studio album, due out March 25th.

Joe Bonamassa Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks LP Now Available



Our friends over at Mascot Label Group have confirmed that the Joe Bonamassa Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks in now back in print. The 3-LP set includes a download card and features Bonamassa’s first ever sold out Red Rocks concert, which was filmed back in August of 2014. To order it and check it out, head on over to Mascot’s website.