Joe Bonamassa Sets Guitar On Fire

Well, the guitar is not literally on fire… Joe never ceases to amaze me with this song. It just continues to get better and better. The video above is from a recent show in Bakersfield, CA. If this song is played any faster, you would literally see the smoke coming from his guitar. Enjoy this version of Woke Up Dreaming in HD!


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  • And this video is proof positive that Joe earned his nick name, Smokin’ Joe! Blues Rock On Joe!! Bad Kitty

  • This man is without a doubt the greatest guitar man ever!!!! He simply gets lost in his art and wows us all every time he plays this incredible number!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE him……

  • As customary, Joe rips the heck out of that acoustic guitar. I’ve never seen another artist play with such conviction, focus or speed. And…he always ends with a broad smile. Bravo!!!!!

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