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  1. Susan Clayton says:

    Joe is one of the best musicians today. Congratulations to Joe, Tal, Carmine and Rick, a hard working band.

  2. Sharon Lallman says:

    He is extremely talented and deserves the award!

  3. Geri Faillace says:

    Long, long overdue!!! Joe Bonamassa is one incredible performer and probably the hardest working guy in the business! Keep on Rocking, Joe!!!
    Can’t wait to hear the newest CD due out next week…counting the moments!!!

  4. Joe Wilkens says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Joe, Tal, Carmine, Rick!!!! You are awesome!!!!! Joe and Theresa W.

  5. Theresa Wilkens says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! Joe, Carmine, Rick and Tal!!!! You guys are ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE you. Thank you for “being there”!!!

  6. Upstate sheila says:

    SO HAPPY this finally happened for him. This is only the beginning. We are SO PROUD of him, here in Upstate, New York. :-)

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