Haynes and Bonamassa Amaze Crowd at Beacon Theater

Warren haynes joe bonamassa


What a great night in New York City. Spring is here, the weather is warm. And Joe Bonamassa, one of the best guitar players in the world is about to take the stage for a three night run, at New York’s famous Beacon Theater. The Beacon, which Joe has played twice previously, is home to one of his live recordings. Tonight, however, marks another milestone in Joe’s career as he invited friend and special guest Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Go’vt Mule) to the stage to play several songs. Together Joe and Warren started off with a great cover of Crossroads, which then went into one of the songs from Joe’s first studio album, A New Day Yesterday. Warren did a spectacular job on the lead vocals for If Heartaches Were Nickels. To top the night off, the duo played Look Over Yonder’s Wall. An absolute stellar, I mean stellar performance by Joe and Warren. Joe also played great throughout the night in his normal set, which included several of my favorites The Ballad of John Henry and Just Got Paid. Two nights remain at the Beacon Theater and quite frankly, I can’t wait to see what they have in store.


Beacon Theatre Releasing on CD & LP in 2012?

Joe Bonamassa Live at The Beacon Theatre

Joe Bonamassa’s Beacon Theatre show was on released earlier this year on DVD. The CD was not released at that time, following other DVD’s from Joe, like the Royal Albert Hall, the CD normally comes out the following year. According to allmusic.com, they list Beacon Theatre: Live From New York, in Joe’s discography with a 2012 date. Not only do they list the CD, but they also list the LP. The exact date is not shown, but his European record label, Provogue is. 

Joe bonamassa beacon theatre lp cd

When the release date is announced we will let you know and stay tuned for the official preorder details and packages!

Catch Bonamassa Back to Back on Palladia this Saturday


For the first time ever, Joe Bonamassa will be on Palladia this Saturday night March 31st back to back. Palladia will first be broadcasting Black Country Communion’s “Live Over Europe”, followed by Joe Bonamassa’s “Live From New York – Beacon Theatre”. This is the national debut on Palladia for Joe’s Beacon Theatre performance. Each show is an hour in length. If you’ve seen the Beacon broadcasted on PBS, this broadcast will have the same footage. Oh and it is in HD.. sweet!


One Week Till Beacon DVD Release

Today is March 20th, one week till the release of the Beacon DVD. All preorders have shipped out.. did you order from us? Hope so, if not there is still time to order! Just click here… If you did get the DVD, what are you thoughts? I did a full review on the Beacon DVD not too long ago. After watching the DVD several times now, it has become my favorite Joe DVD. I like the songs with Paul Rodgers best. Paul has a great voice and it would be great to see more recording done with Paul Rodgers in the future. Please let us know what you think of the DVD, comment on this post! Order now and have your DVD shipped today!

Live From New York–Beacon Theatre DVD Review


This past weekend, I opened the mailbox. Going through the normal glorious junk mail, I found my advance copy of the Beacon DVD. I watched it immediately. The DVD created the show all over again. I remember those cold November nights, the 4th and 5th. Up I walk to the famous Beacon Theatre, where my longtime favorite guitar player is playing. He’s made it to the top, this it. The Beacon.

Joe did play two shows at the Beacon. Footage from both shows, mostly Saturday, was used for the DVD. First song up is Slow Train.  With two minutes to midnight playing in the background, the stage goes black. The train is coming! Joe rips into Slow Train. Next song Joe plays is Cradle Rock. One of Joe’s first hit songs, in my opinion. I haven’t seen this song live in quite awhile. It’s great to see Joe bringing the some back, 10 years after it was originally released. Here is the complete listing for the DVD:

Disc One:

1:  72nd St. Subway Blues
2:  Slow Train
3:  Cradle Rock
4:  When The Fire Hits The Sea
5:  Midnight Blues
6:  Dust Bowl
7:  The River
8:  I’ll Take Care Of You  (w/ Beth Hart)
9:  Sinner’s Prayer  (w/ Beth Hart)
10:  You Better Watch Yourself
11:  Steal Your Heart Away
12:  Bird On A Wire
13:  Down Around My Place  (w/ John Hiatt)
14:  I Know A Place  (w/ John Hiatt)
15:  Blue And Evil
16:  Walk In My Shadows  (w/ Paul Rodgers)
17:  Fire And Water  (w/ Paul Rodgers)
18:  Mountain Time
19:  Young Man Blues


Disc Two, the second DVD, contains bonus content. It contains two songs, the first being If Heartaches Were Nickels and the second song is Woke Up Dreaming. Other bonus footage on the DVD includes a clip with Joe and David Crosby. Joe with his eyes peeled open gets an acoustic guitar lesson from David Crosby. You’ll also see more footage from Joe playing in the 72nd St Subway Station. Joe made no money in the subway station sadly. Good thing he is sticking with his day job! Lastly, there is a huge photo gallery. The photo gallery includes behind the scene pictures from the beacon. The pictures cover backstage, sound check, and Joe reviewing the setlist with Kevin Shirley. My favorite part about the bonus disc, Woke Up Dreaming. Each performance of this song just continues to get  better and better.

The overall setlist they picked for the show was not bad at all. I thought it was a great selection that covered many different eras of Joe’s work. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions from various people. Why didn’t they do Just Got Paid? Honestly, that’s simple. Joe had several special guests, each doing two songs. Just Got Paid was on the Royal Albert Hall DVD. I’m glad Joe picked Young Man Blues to be part of the setlist. I know that’s a long song, but hey, the connection between Joe and Tal during this song is just priceless. I like it better than Just Got Paid!

My favorite special guest that played with Joe has to be Paul Rodgers. Joe opened for Paul Rodgers almost 10 years ago. Joe has also done several songs that Paul Rodgers has wrote. One of them being Walk In My Shadows, which we see on the DVD. The other was Seagull from Joe’s CD titled Sloe Gin. Paul Rodgers has an incredible voice that one has to hear live to get the full effect. Paul and Joe nailed Fire and Water. Great song.


The overall production of this DVD is great. Just like Joe’s other produced films, this DVD was filmed by Bangor Films. They are based out of Canada, they’ve recorded many other notable performances such as Joe’s RAH show and they also did the documentary for Iron Maiden. The camera crew on hand for the Beacon shooting was in the teens. If you did attend both nights – hope you were not one of those stuck behind a camera guy! Not all songs played made the DVD. Both Sloe Gin and Ballad of John Henry were recorded. One song was played each night. Not exactly sure why they didn’t make the cut. As stated before, majority if not all of the first DVD was recorded on Saturday night.

In conclusion, was this show better than RAH? Well, that’s up to you determine. RAH had a large house band with a different setlist. RAH also had Eric Clapton as special guest. Beacon did not have Clapton, but it sure did have three other spectacular guests: Beth Hart, John Hiatt, Paul Rodgers. I personally like the Beacon better because I was at the show. It’s great to have a copy of your all time favorite Joe show on DVD. I also feel that Joe’s playing was dead on, top notch for this show.  I highly recommend this DVD. If you’re a JB fan, this needs to be in your collection. His performances keep getting better and better. Where will Joe go next? Only time will tell. Make you pre-order your Beacon DVD today, you do not want to miss out… click here.

Some Clips From Live At The Beacon

Just found some more clips from the Beacon DVD on YouTube. DVD looks like it will be great. I’m still wondering why Sloe Gin and Ballard of John Henry are not on the DVD. Maybe they will surprise us and include them in the special features on the Bonus DVD.

Hope you enjoy the clips of Mountain Time and Fire and Water with Paul Rodgers. Less than a month to go. Only a limited amount of time left to get your preorder in with one of our limited packages. Make sure you place your preorder today.

Joe Bonamassa Live At The Beacon Theatre OFFICIAL TRAILER

Here it is folks! The OFFICIAL trailer is out the Beacon DVD! The Beacon DVD is due out for release on March 27th… that’s a little less than two months away. Incase you forgot, it will be coming out on BluRay as well. Trailer looks fabulous, just an odd fact – the confetti dropped on night two, not night one! Enjoy…

Also – you can order the DVD/BluRay today! Click here and follow the link to the Joe Store!

Live At The Beacon… A Sneak Peek!


Joe Bonamassa and John Hiatt performing together at the Beacon Theater back in November. Joe’s upcoming DVD, Live at The Beacon is due for release on March 27th on DVD and BluRay. Joe’s right hand man, Kevin Shirley, posted the picture above today on his Facebook page. Notice how Kevin also mentions BluRay! Both BluRay and DVD share the same release date. Kevin has just finished editing the live footage in Toronto. The final audio mix will be done this weekend. Make sure you’re following him on Facebook.

Live At The Beacon Due In March


Joe’s live DVD recorded at the Beacon Theater in NYC is due out on March 27th. Both Beacon shows were recorded, featuring special guests Beth Hart, John Hiatt, and Paul Rodgers. From a recent exclusive interview with Classic Rock Magazine (issue 167), Joe unveiled the release date. 2012 is going to be a great year for Joe, a lot of great things are already in the works. Kudos to 2011, looking forward to 2012! Stay tuned over the next few days for more insider news about 2012.

Live At The Beacon Near Completion


We posted a few weeks back that we heard Joe’s live DVD recorded at the Beacon Theater would be released in early 2012. Kevin Shirley posted another update today on his Facebook.

“Finished mixing the Bonamassa Beacon concert in stereo yesterday. Mixing some bonus material today, an Iron Maiden song on Friday then the Beacon concert in surround sound next week, and that, my friends, will be the end of a very busy year for a Caveman! Christmas this year will be in Australia with my family and next year looks even busier….. Hang on – it might get bumpy!”

Looking forward to this release. I was at both shows (I’m sure you know!) and Joe played great both nights! Stay tuned for more details as we get them..