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Tony Cedras Appearing On New Bonamassa Album

Joe Bonamassa has been back in the studio for sometime now. Looks like they are laying down a lot of tracks at Black Rock Studio and have had a great time while doing it. Posted on Facebook by Kevin Shirley, it looks like Tony Cedras is making a guest appearance on the new album.   …

Joe’s Back at Black Rock Studios

Joe is back in the studio writing content for what appears to be a new CD.  Looks like the rest of the band is there with Joe and they are having a blast! I would keep checking out Joe’s facebook for more updates. Kevin Shirley is also with the band at Black Rock Studios. He …

Can’t Find No Mercy

Here is a rare video of Can’t Find No Mercy, which was only on the Japanese release of Black Rock. This was just uploaded to YouTube and it kicks some ass. Love the solos in this one, to bad we didn’t get it on the American release of Black Rock. I’d like to see this …

Tomorrow Is The Day!

Tomorrow is the day that Black Rock will be released. I hope all of you will order your copy if you haven’t already. Joe should be on top of the charts as usual! You can order from the fan site, for a low price: .

Joe on the George Lopez Show

Joe will be appearing tonight on the George Lopez Show, which plays on TBS at 11pm EST. He will be sitting in with the house band and promoting his new album, Black Rock. Black Rock is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, March 23rd. Don’t forget to order your copy. I’ll post the video of …

B.B. King on Black Rock

B.B. King made a guest appearance on the song “Night Life” which is featured on Joe’s new CD “Black Rock”. Order the new CD here.

Spanish Boots

Here is another song from Joe’s upcoming CD “Black Rock”. It’s titled Spanish Boots and was originally done by Jeff Beck. Recorded from Planet Rock in London, England.

Black Rock EPK

Check out this EPK which gives you a behind the scenes look at Black Rock. Also, don’t forget to order your copy of Black Rock today, it ships out 2 weeks before release date, with free shipping!  

Three Times a Fool

Here is another new tune off of “Black Rock” called “Three Times A Fool”. It was recorded overseas at a radio station for some promotional work Joe did.