Joe Stuff On Ebay


Nothing new really, but Joe has become a bigger icon on Ebay. Just checked tonight and I saw 13 pages of auctions on Ebay. Since Joe has grown, it seems that most of the auctions on Ebay are ticket listings. There are a good amount of people looking to make money on Joe tickets. Some sellers are also trying to sell autographs for near $100. That’s insane if you ask me!

How can this be stopped? It’s not easy. But I can give you some advice, so you do not end up paying top dollar..

  1. Tickets – Do you want awesome seats? Not a problem, sign up for Joe’s street team. Sign up with your information, make sure you put in your geographical info. You’ll get emails with pre-sale information, so you can get tix before they go on sale.
  2. Autographs – Too many folks are trying to rip people off on autographs. Want an autograph? Joe is always willing to sign for his fans. Just stick around after the show, he usually comes out to meet fans and take pictures.

I hope you have not been ripped off on Ebay. By not purchasing tickets or autographs on Ebay, sellers will continue to relist their items. Overtime, they will stop putting items up. You can make a difference..

Joe’s 1968 Les Paul Standard On Ebay


This is one heck of a guitar! Once owned by Joe Bonamassa and now up for sale on Ebay. The 1968 Les Paul, which is rumored to be a reissue using an original 1950’s left over body and neck. Joe owned it for about ten years and was his main Les Paul during 1998-2000. He used this guitar on the title track from his first solo album, “A New Day Yesterday.” This guitar traded by Joe to Holy Grail Guitars in Santa Monica, CA.

Joe traded this guitar for two other guitars; a 1953 Gibson ES-295 and a 1968 Gibson ES-355. The guitar comes with the case and COA’s from both the guitar shop and Joe himself. The current bid on Ebay is up to 5.5k. You can bid and view more pictures at Ebay.

JB Signature Guitar Picks on Ebay


Have you been on Ebay recently? A lot of the Joe Bonamassa Signature Jazz 3 picks are showing up for auction. A lot of people claim that these picks are rare or played by Joe. Maybe some are played by Joe, but I can guarantee that most are not. From what I’ve seen, very few show any wear / tear on them. Plus, most people who get picks that Joe has used keep them as mementos.

With that being said, there is no need to buy them off Ebay, where you’ll be charged any where from $5 to $10 per pick. If you check out the Official Joe Bonamassa Store, you can get a whole tin of guitar picks for $10. I bet sellers on Ebay are trying to make a quick buck, by just buying them and reselling them. Just a heads up.. until next time!