Indianapolis Hears Tea for One with Doug Henthorn

Folks who attended Joe’s Saturday night gig in Indianapolis, IN got a special treat. On Joe’s self titled album “You & Me” he covered a Led Zeppelin tune named “Tea for One”. Before this video, I do not know of any other recording of Joe performing this song live. Doug Henthorn sang on this song. This is the first time where Joe and Doug were able to get together on one stage and play. Hope you enjoy this video, even though it is not the best quality, still captures an amazing moment. If you’ve haven’t heard of Doug Henthorn before, you need to check out his band “Healing Sixes“.

Interview with Kevin Shirley on Planet Rock


Kevin Shirley sat down with Planet Rock recently to give his perspective on several songs that he has had the pleasure of recording. Of course he covered Joe Bonamassa, but he also went over The Outsider by Black Country Communion. Kevin also discusses Led Zeppelin, John Hiatt, Black Crowes, Iron Maiden, and Aerosmith.

You’ll also hear an some unreleased music from John Hiatt and Jimmy Page with The Black Crowes. Check out the full hour audio recording here.

Black Country Communion 2 – A Flashback To The 70’s


Let’s take a flash back into the 70’s… that’s where you’ll find the Black Country Communion 2 album. The collaboration between all of the band members is fantastic. On the album, you’ll find a lot of influence from Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The album starts off with the strong single, The Outsider. This track is a great single, has a killer opening riff that hits you right in the face – holy 70’s!

The album has a lot of other hidden gems, such as The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall. Joe Bonamassa’s vocals are right up front on this track and we get to hear some of his great acoustic guitar playing, that slams on to a full blown out rock song.

How about Save Me? This is a great track. In fact, this very track is an unreleased Led Zeppelin track. Save Me came alive after the O2 Led Zep gig in 2007.  John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page came up with the song, which was brought to BCC 2  by Jason Bonham. Hughes states “(Bonham) kept playing me that riff over and over, and I was interested. It’s a great riff, and he wanted me to write something really desperate. I finally got (Bonamassa) over to my house and said, ‘Listen, we really should finish this song,’ and we did, and it really turned into something special.”

Another one of my favorites is Smokestack Woman. This is another song that has a Led Zep twist to it, which you can hear in Bonamassa’s guitar playing. The song almost reminds me of a Gov’t Mule song. Glenn Hughes vocals are simply outstanding.

The 70’s train continues right on into I Can See Spirit. This is definitely a hit and would be great as a radio single – many tunes on this album are of that quality. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such awesome drumming, Jason Bonham really pounds the skins on this one.

Saving the best for last, Cold. This song has a very interesting intro, you can literally hear Bonamassa’s guitar talking. The jaw dropping, guitar solo lasts for well over a minute. Glenn Hughes has a nice, soft voice on this song. Definitely a great bluesy ballad. It’s one of the longest tracks on the album, coming in near seven minutes. Heck, if it went on for another seven minutes, I wouldn’t be complaining.

When it comes down to the bottom line – this is another master piece by Black Country Communion. The dedication and effort displayed in each song is outstanding. This record is a must have and I hope to hear many more records from this band. As Glenn Hughes says, this is real music. Many thanks to Kevin Shirley for  being the man behind such an amazing group and producing such an overall fantastic album. The mastering is phenomenal and definitely  has that 70’s groove to it.

Make sure to catch Black Country Communion out on the road. Latest dates available on the Black Country Communion Fan Website.

Black Country Communion ‘Went from a Side Project to a Band’


Black Country Communion was recently featured on and everyone in the band agrees that this has turned from a side project into a full blown band.

It’s almost unheard of for any band these days to release two albums just nine months apart, but Glenn Hughes says that’s one of the things that makes Black Country Communion “a freak of nature.”

“I’ve never been in a situation in a band before that’s like this,” Hughes tells of Black Country Communion, the all-star group that also includes guitarist Joe Bonamassa, former Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian and Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s son Jason, who’s played with both Zep and Foreigner. Its sophomore album, simply titled “2,” is due out June 14, with tour dates starting today (June 9).

Read the rest of the article, which has a lot of interesting information, on

Jason Bonham Plans Led Zeppelin Tribute Tour

Jason Bonham, who is part of the Supergroup formally known as “Black Rock”, is planning a tour. The tour will be a Led Zeppelin tribute tour. This could be a bad sign for the supergroup. Within in the last few weeks, producer Kevin Shirley indicated on his Facebook page that there had been some trouble with different band member’s management. He also said there is a chance the whole album that has already been recorded can go down the drain. I hope that doesn’t happen. You can read more about Jason Bonham’s tribute band here.