Bonamassa Guitars Open For Business


In upstate New York, Bonamassa Guitars is now open for business. The shop is operated by Joe’s Dad, Len Bonamassa. Len had a guitar shop while Joe was growing up and he is just getting back in the shop business. Len has never stopped collecting guitars. Great to see him back in the business…


You’ll find a large range of guitars, from Fender to Gibson and everything in between. Not looking to buy guitars? That’s not a problem, the store is stocked with any equipment you may need. They have a large selection of amps, including vintage amps. Len also has a good amount of pedals in stock. Oh you need strings too? They got the strings too…

Everyone is welcome at Bonamassa Guitars.. stop by and pay them a visit! Bonamassa Guitars is located at 4520 Commercial Drive in New Hartford, NY. Also follow Bonamassa Guitars on Facebook, where you can keep up to date with the latest news. The website is soon to follow. Best of luck to Len and everyone else at Bonamassa Guitars.

Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa


Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa, seen in this video at the age of 12 in 1989. This is a new video that has appeared on YouTube. Great to see Len (Joe’s Dad) talk about  him playing at the age of six and even then out playing most adults.

Being in the 8th grade, he was a lot more mature than a lot of other kids at his age. Simply amazing! Enjoy… !