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New Signature Bonamassa Epiphone Firebirds Coming in October

Joe Bonamssa has two more signature Epiphone model guitars coming out later this year – due out around October. Steering away from the Les Paul Epiphone Signature models, Joe is looking to release Firebird models. Earlier this week on Instagram, Bonamassa posted up a picture of the guitars. Epiphone guitars are perfect for avid guitar …

New Joe Bonamassa Gibson Model

Fresh off the press.. from the  Gibson Custom Facebook Page! We have here a new Joe Bonamassa Gibson Model. Specifications have not been posted yet. However, limited left hand models will be available. When more news is posted about this beautiful guitar, you’ll find out first from Bonamassa Live!

Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Goldtop

Epiphone has publically released the new Joe Bonamassa model guitar, which is based off of Joe’s Goldtop Signature Les Paul. This guitar was made as a more affordable solution and was designed by Joe. Unlike most of Joe’s Signature Les Paul guitars, this particular guitar has a smooth un-aged finish. Interested in buying one? You …