Doug Henthorn Joins Joe Bonamassa On Tour


Joe Bonamassa took the stage just several hours ago at the legendary Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. He introduced the band, which includes Arlan Schierbaum on keyboards. Time to announce the special guest, the monster vocalist behind Joe’s You & Me hit, “Tea For One”, Doug Henthorn! Joe also announced that Doug Henthorn will ride out the rest of the tour with him! A true gem indeed, as catching Joe playing this song is equivalent to winning the lottery on many levels. Folks who will be seeing Joe on this tour can definitely consider themselves to be very lucky!

Indianapolis Hears Tea for One with Doug Henthorn

Folks who attended Joe’s Saturday night gig in Indianapolis, IN got a special treat. On Joe’s self titled album “You & Me” he covered a Led Zeppelin tune named “Tea for One”. Before this video, I do not know of any other recording of Joe performing this song live. Doug Henthorn sang on this song. This is the first time where Joe and Doug were able to get together on one stage and play. Hope you enjoy this video, even though it is not the best quality, still captures an amazing moment. If you’ve haven’t heard of Doug Henthorn before, you need to check out his band “Healing Sixes“.