Blues of Desperation Live – Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea

Several weeks ago the second annual Keeping The Blues Alive cruise set sail to Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise ship left from Miami, Florida. With it being Joe’s cruise, he invited a lot of great talent to play on the ship including Beth Hart, Josh Smith, Jim Suhler and Kirk Fletcher to name a few. Our friend Natasha brought her camera along and filmed every single song.

Here’s a clip from Joe’s show out on the pool deck. Even in the rain, this guy can shred like no other. Enjoy the live video of “Blues of Desperation”, which is the title track from Joe’s new studio album, due out March 25th.

San Diego Gets The Best Version Of Hummingbird

Joe fans at Friday’s San Diego (08/28) show were in for a real treat last night. Joe played an absolutely killer version of Hummingbird, that was off the charts. I’m not even sure if there are words to describe the experience that I witnessed in person. Take a look at the video below and I’m sure you’ll agree. Big thanks to Natasha for the video. I’ve seen Joe play this song several times and this time is by far my favorite.

Joe Bonamassa Live Acoustic at Planet Rock

Joe Bonamassa recently stopped by Planet Rock studios. While he was visiting our good friends at Planet Rock, he went full out on his acoustic guitar, playing several songs for them. Watch below as Joe will make your jaw drop on the ground. We hope that you enjoy these two versions of Jelly Roll and Woke Up Dreaming.

Haynes and Bonamassa Amaze Crowd at Beacon Theater

Warren haynes joe bonamassa


What a great night in New York City. Spring is here, the weather is warm. And Joe Bonamassa, one of the best guitar players in the world is about to take the stage for a three night run, at New York’s famous Beacon Theater. The Beacon, which Joe has played twice previously, is home to one of his live recordings. Tonight, however, marks another milestone in Joe’s career as he invited friend and special guest Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Go’vt Mule) to the stage to play several songs. Together Joe and Warren started off with a great cover of Crossroads, which then went into one of the songs from Joe’s first studio album, A New Day Yesterday. Warren did a spectacular job on the lead vocals for If Heartaches Were Nickels. To top the night off, the duo played Look Over Yonder’s Wall. An absolute stellar, I mean stellar performance by Joe and Warren. Joe also played great throughout the night in his normal set, which included several of my favorites The Ballad of John Henry and Just Got Paid. Two nights remain at the Beacon Theater and quite frankly, I can’t wait to see what they have in store.


Doug Henthorn Joins Joe Bonamassa On Tour


Joe Bonamassa took the stage just several hours ago at the legendary Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. He introduced the band, which includes Arlan Schierbaum on keyboards. Time to announce the special guest, the monster vocalist behind Joe’s You & Me hit, “Tea For One”, Doug Henthorn! Joe also announced that Doug Henthorn will ride out the rest of the tour with him! A true gem indeed, as catching Joe playing this song is equivalent to winning the lottery on many levels. Folks who will be seeing Joe on this tour can definitely consider themselves to be very lucky!

Driving Towards The Daylight Official Video

Up for viewing is the official music video for Joe’s new title track “Driving Towards The Daylight”. The video captures Joe Bonamassa in the studio with the band recording the song. Joe’s new album, also named “Driving Towards The Daylight” is due for global release on May 22. Advance preorders can be made here and all preorders will ship before the actual release date of the album. Let us know what you think of the official music video!

Joe Featured in Guitarist Deluxe iPad Edition

Guitarist Magazine has launched their own app for Apple’s iPad, titled Guitarist Deluxe. The app features embedded video, audio and is a complete digital interactive copy of the publication. It is now available through Apple’s Newsstand and App Store.  And the best part about it all – it’s free. Click here to check it out.  Joe was featured in magazine #343, which is now is included in the deluxe iPad app.

“Driving Towards The Daylight” Cover & More!


The Official Cover Artwork for Joe Bonamassa’s new album titled “Driving Towards The Daylight” was unveiled today. Joe’s new album is still on schedule for a release date of May 22nd. Check out the track listing below. Exclusive preorders for the new album will open shortly through the fan website.

  1. Dislocated Boy
  2. Stones In My Passway
  3. Driving Towards The Daylight
  4. Who’s Been Talking
  5. I Got All You Need
  6. A Place In My Heart
  7. Lonely Town Lonely Street
  8. Heavenly Soul
  9. New Coat Of Paint
  10. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
  11. Too Much Ain’t Enough Love (w/ Jimmy Barnes)

Below is one of ten episodes that takes you inside the making of “Driving Towards The Daylight”. This album goes back to the blues roots with a rock feel.

Some Clips From Live At The Beacon

Just found some more clips from the Beacon DVD on YouTube. DVD looks like it will be great. I’m still wondering why Sloe Gin and Ballard of John Henry are not on the DVD. Maybe they will surprise us and include them in the special features on the Bonus DVD.

Hope you enjoy the clips of Mountain Time and Fire and Water with Paul Rodgers. Less than a month to go. Only a limited amount of time left to get your preorder in with one of our limited packages. Make sure you place your preorder today.