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Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa

  Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa, seen in this video at the age of 12 in 1989. This is a new video that has appeared on YouTube. Great to see Len (Joe’s Dad) talk about  him playing at the age of six and even then out playing most adults. Being in the 8th grade, he was a …

Starship Trooper Jam

Do you like covers? I do.. check out this video of Sweet Moans jamming to Starship Trooper. When it comes to covers, it doesn’t get any better than this. These guys are amazing. For those who don’t know, Joe used to play Starship Trooper after certain songs such as Had To Cry Today.

Joe and Ted Nugent

A clip of Joe and Ted Nugent jamming together was recently uploaded to YouTube. Joe was a guest on the Supergroup show which ran on VH1 for a bit. It’s a short clip, but great none the less. Ted Nugent had the following to say about Joe after the show: Last night, my musical jihad …

Robert Randolph and Joe Bonamassa at Crossroads

The official Crossroads DVD was released recently. However, it only included one song with Joe, where he plays with Robert Randolph doing “Goin Down”. Joe also did one of his own songs “Blues Deluxe” with Robert Randolph. This particular song was not included on the DVD, but it’s still a gem. You can check it …

Slow Train

Finally found a full video of Joe’s new song titled “Slow Train”. This song is now part of the set list. If you see Joe soon, you’ll be lucky to see this song live. The video posted below is pretty good quality, hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Pete for the video!

Just Got Paid Cover

Well folks, this has to be one of the best covers I’ve ever seen. Steve Costello and his band did a cover to Just Got Paid. Steve proudly plays his JB Les Paul in the song. He even uses a theremin through the video. Check it out below and give us your feedback!

Joe Bonamassa At Guitar Center

Some video recently just popped up on YouTube of Joe Bonamassa at Guitar Center. These four videos go over a variety of topics, which include: American and British influences,  learning to feel the music, writing songs, and being thankful for the fans. Below are the four videos. Snap Shots In Time   Learning To Feel …

The Thrill Is Gone

Breaking one out from the vaults, here is a rare video of Joe performing “The Thrill is Gone” by the one and only B.B. King.

Bob and Tom Show

Enjoy this video of Joe on the Bob and Tom show. Nice interview with a live performance.

New Video of the Week

Check out Joes’ new video of the week, The Great Flood. Recorded back in August 2009, at WXPN’s free concert in Philadelphia. What a treat for those who got to see it. Enjoy!