Carmine Rojas

Carmine Rojas, Bassist, Composer, born February 14, 1953, Brooklyn, NY.

With the efforts and support of his family, friends and professional relationships, Carmine has traveled the World earning the reputation as one of the most renowned and respected bass players in the industry.

Carmine toured the World with David Bowie from 1983-1987, recording  bass on  several Multi-Platinum hits such as Let’s Dance, China Girl, Modern Love and Blue Jean.

Carmine recorded and toured with Rod Stewart as a Musical Director/Bassist from 1988 through 2003.   One of the multiple albums recorded during that time includes  the MTV Multi-Platinum live CD and DVD, ’Unplugged and Seated’.  Carmine also co-wrote songs on Vagabond Heart and Spanner in the works

Carmine has also recorded, toured and played alongside Tina Turner, Keith Richards, Stevie Wonder, Ron Wood, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Peter Frampton, Al Green, Carly Simon, John Waite,  Steve Winwood,  Billy Joel, Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Julian Lennon (Musical Director/Bassist), Carole King, Bobby Womack, Sam Moore, Billy Squire, Olivia Newton John, Michael Hutchence, Bernard Fowler, Blondie Chaplin, Stevie Salas,  Billy Gibbons, Leslie West,  Joe Lynn Turner,  Carlos Santana, Todd Rundgren, LaBelle, Nona Hendryx, Michael Bolton, Ivan Neville, Allen Toussaint, Phil Ramone, Kevin Shirley, Trevor Horn, Charlie Sexton,  Jewel, Dave Mason, Mike Patton, Glenn Hughes, Nektar,  Tetsuya Komuro, Hitomi,  Ziroq, Modern Primitives, Simranking, Beth Hart, Sass Jordan  and many others.

Carmine is currently recording and touring  with blues rock guitarist  Joe Bonamassa. Started in 2005 with the recording of  ‘You and Me’, and has continued to date, culminating in 5 studio CDs , in addition to ‘Live From Nowhere in Particular’  and the DVD ‘Live from Royal Albert Hall’.

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  1. sue mason green says:

    Hi carmine, just want to say what a superb! gig it was on tuesday night at leicester. i have seen the band four times now and you just get better and better. I really dont want to go home, just sit and hear you play all night. Its so good to hear real musicians , that can play and write great! music. I love! your bass playing, its beautiful. :) Thanks for standing in the cold to talk to us, on tuesday, it is ! appreciated, though i feel guilty, in case you get a chill after being on stage , coming out into the cold, but its so lovely to talk to you. , even though you bashed me with your hat !!, ha ha ha , the cuddle made up for it though. ( excellent cuddle by the way) Im sorry i asked you to sign the wrong cd for me, thats been really! bothering me, when i left the house i just grabbed one, i have all of the bands cd,s, i just did,nt think, i lost my dad about two month,s ago, and i have been a bit of a mess mentally, going to your gig was a little bit of healing for me.. take my mind away a bit., which it did, my dad loved ! music, he played it all day every day, and even went to sleep to it. I loved him to bits. Guess im talking too much again !! typical aquarian trait that, ha ha ha we were born the same year, your 14th feb, im 3rd of feb.1953, good year that !! ha ha ha . Well i must of bored you to death by now, i hope you come back and play england real soon, good luck for the rest of the tour, …………

    take care, and keep safe
    kind regards

    sue. x

  2. Brigitte says:

    Hi Carmine!
    You told us you would read the comments:)
    We loved listening to you all in Groningen and in Breda, we were really impressed and we are very gratefull to you for this fantastic opportunity!
    We still enjoy listening to the recordings:)
    I hope you had a good trip home?
    In Holland it is cold now(-3 allready) and we are about to celabrate St Nicolaas (sinterklaas), you must think we’re nuts: (
    You left in time!
    Hope you did enjoy the stroopwafels (and hope you still have all your teeth now)
    Nathalie told me Joe is coming to London soon: are you coming too?
    It was very nice meeting you!! As nice as hearing you play;P

  3. Keith / Barbara says:

    Dude , talked dec.1st at oletyme Grill in pensacola , FL. went in saw your performance with the band and i gotta tell ya , my son Kyle and i just can,t beleive the way you carry yourself when you play , what a awesome concert Carmine , oh yeah , dude , your no ghost………………………..your friend in New orleans…………. come party with us Mardi Gras day on royal street.

  4. Boyd Brown says:

    Hey Carmine,
    Was looking forward to meeting you and the other guys at Joes meet and greet at your Huntsville gig on Nov. 30th. Too bad. I did have the opportunity to get your autograph in Nashville a couple of years ago though. By the way, when yall were in Huntsville, did you acutally find anything at the unclaimed baggage store in Scottsboro??

  5. Jan says:

    Carmine, I have been around a long time and listened to a lot of music, everything from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to Trace Adkins, John Lennon to Micheal Bolton. I have to tell you that when I watched the Live at the Royal Albert Hall I was amazed at the performance. Each and every one of you put your all into it and made it an amazing experience for all of us watching and listening. Your playing has made the difference from great to phenomenal for the group. I just wanted you to know that there are some of us that appreciate what you brought to the group and tell you that I’d love to see and hear more.
    May the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tomorrows.

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  7. how is DOLORES??? Best, g.

  8. Dennis Donnell says:

    Hey Carmine….wanted to say thank you so much for the time you took to talk to me and my son at the Louisville concert. It was his first concert and to say he was blown away would be an understatement. My wife Sherry and I have seen you guys 7 times this year and I can’t tell you enough what a class group of guys I (we) think you are. Just to better identify who we are…I am usually attached to a walker and. A friend of mine is an incredible jazz guitarist and wants me to set the guitar aside to learn the bass and play some gigs with him….so, besides Joe as my inspiration on 6 strings, I’ll be looking to you on 5. Take care and be safe.

  9. indee says:

    Has anyone ever mentioned that Carmine resembles (greatly) Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad?
    Carmine, you were fabulous and I loved the show. The light show was really cool too.

  10. indee says:

    omg what an impressive resume!!!Exceptional talent!

  11. chuck sikes says:

    so im sitting at home on a saturday night which is very rare because im a bass player myself our band is on a break which is needed it is getting pretty tired we are a cover band who is very busy i live in jacksonville fl
    i will be seeing you guys on dec 9 . anyway im channel surfing and com across a 4 piece band who i cant take my eyes nor my ears off of you guys are tighhhhht man very impressive i am a huge fan your chops are incredible you keep it right in the pocket love you stage presence as well iam very inspired from yor playing joe is awsome too but as a bass player i focus on the rythem and tightness of the rythem section i am a huge fan luv you music and want to be at thtat level some day i am about 12 years yonger then you yo look 10 years younger than me rock on carmine your chops inspire me to practice harder thanks for ths oppertunity to see you cant wait to see yo live on dec 9 at the florida theater. a fellow bassist chuck

  12. Mymalie says:

    Can’t wait to hear the bass licks in Melbourne in October – As Joe is to the guitar, you are to the bass! Keep on rockin’

  13. Christopher Clark says:

    Hi Buddy this is Christopher in the Philippines I cant tell you enough how much of a pleasure it was to handle the security for you Joe and the others these past 4 days , you and I go back a long way and can share some interesting stories among us . I love you and hope to see you soon Carmine . Sincerely Christopher Clark

  14. Leon Williams says:

    just want say that I worked with carmine from the very bebaning in brooklyn matter of fact our birthday is on the same day.I am now living in Las Vegas and hoping to see him on apil at the palms.Love you carmine[pee wee]

  15. Hi Carmine, Saw you guy’s in Savannah Ga Nov 2011 and met you outside. I was the guy with the Gold Top Les Paul that Joe signed for me. You made a very good impression with me as my sister in law was with me and you remarked she reminded you of your Mom.We still talk about that and how big her head got. You might not remember, but you made a lady very proud to have met you that night. The best to you in the future. You play a hell of a Bass!!

  16. Chris Frazier says:

    Saw you and Joe in Denver and am looking forward to Redrocks. I wish more people realized the incredible ability you guys have to ROCK the blues!!!

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