A Special Message from Brett Diaz

Joe and brett
Hi everyone it’s Bill.. Below is a note from Brett Diaz. Just wanted to say a few words before Brett’s message. He’s a great guy and it’s been more than an honor to work with him over the years. Thank you Brett for all of your dedication and hard work. Best of luck on your future endeavors. 
Hey Guys, It’s Brett! For the past three years I have been the project manager for JR Adventures management for Bonamassa. It has been an amazing journey after working a summer for Warren Haynes and then to be hired by Joe Bonamassa was an amazing feeling. I handled the tv commercials, radio spots, weekly newsletter, fan updates, creating videos like On The Road With Joeand many other hats.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform the Bonamassa community that I will be leaving as of next week. But I’m proud to say “Your part of the Bonamassa family” -Joe

I had the pleasure to meet many fans when I was on the road with Joe. I was welcomed as one of the family by Joe, the band and the crew. This is an experience I will always remember. I enjoyed creating behind the scenes footage and updates which you guys spread to all your friends. 

I hope to stay in touch with everyone through the years and enjoy many Bonamassa concerts in the future. There are some amazing projects coming your way.

Thank you & JAM ON,



Below is my favorite On The Road With Joe, which I filmed/interviewed him before the show. Sorry for my laughing! -Brett

7 thoughts on “A Special Message from Brett Diaz

  1. As a fan of Joe’s, it is sad to see you go Brett because you are one of the many wheels that have helped to get Joe out there for all to enjoy! Even though I have never met you Brett, i have seen the fruits of your labor. And I know how dedicated you have been to the Bonamassa communities and the successes accomplished by the J&R team! I want to wish you the best on your next adventures in life, Brett. Keep in touch with us all here in Bonanation and always keep Rockin’ the Blues! L8R Brett …

  2. Brett,
    So sorry to see another wonderful guy leave the Bonamassa fold. Always enjoyed your vids…especially the behind the scene On the Road series…just great. Thanks for all you’ve done for all us Bonaholics out there. You will be VERY missed. Wish you nothing but happiness ahead, Brett. May life be good to you!
    Keep in touch with us. We’d love to know what life is like for you as you meet yet another goal!

  3. Hi Brett,
    Sorry to hear you’re leaving. You may not remember me but my boyfriend (Ken) and I met you at the Wanee Festival. I don’t remember which band we were watching but we were sitting in our chairs at the Mushroom Stage and you came over to us and wanted to take a picture of Ken wearing his yellow Bonamassa shirt. You said you hadn’t seen anyone wearing that particular one before. It was very nice meeting you and talking to you. Good Luck in your next adventure. –Susan

  4. Hey, Brett! Where is everybody going? You are the last one I even thought of knowing! I will surely miss all your posts, photos, straight information about concerts, and just everything you did at J & R. I hope life is very good to you and that your fortune continues to grow. Best wishes and know that you will be sorely missed. Not goodbye – just see you later! Rock on!
    Cathy Wooldridge

  5. i agree very much what geri has said,you have done a great job and wish you all the best.thanks a lot brett

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