Awesome Bonamassa Wah Pedal Sighting…


Last week I ventured up to Connecticut to check out Whitesnake. The opening band for Whitesnake was an Australian rock band by the name of The Dead Daisies. I had heard them previously on my local rock radio station, as they’ve played one of their hit singles Lock ‘n’ Loaded.

The Dead Daisies is a super group, made up of David Lowy (Mink), Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), John Corabi (Motley Crue/Union) and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Ozzy).

As I was photographing these amazing musicians in the pit, I took a look over at Richard’s pedal board and noticed he had a good selection of pedals. I had to take a double take at the wah pedal. He was using a Bonamassa Wah Pedal! He made it scream and set his guitar on fire while playing some unbelievable solos.


In the photo above, you can see Richard Fortus using his Bonamassa Wah Pedal in action. It’s really cool to see musicians using Joe’s gear. This leads me to believe if he believes in Joe Bonamassa’s Wah Pedal, you know for sure that he’s also a Joe Bonamassa fan. Check out the guys in The Dead Daisies on the road as they continue touring with Whitesnake. Have you spotted anyone else using Bonamassa Gear? Let us know and we might feature here on the fan website!

For more info on The Dead Daisies: