Awesome Woke Up Dreaming Cover


This has to the be the best cover of Woke Up Dreaming that I’ve ever seen. Everything is spot on. In the video above is Nikolai Neeven and he is from the Netherlands. Joe approved of the video and invited him to a sound check – how cool is that?

Nikolai also has other videos on his YouTube page, where you can see him cover So Many Roads. I sure wish I could play like that. Rock on Nikolai…

One thought on “Awesome Woke Up Dreaming Cover

  1. I am no expert so this is just my opinion. Great guitar playing. You have got that buttoned up. Just like Joe had to in the beginning you need to get the voice to match. A bit monotone with no inflection. But hey I would pay to hear you play. Great effort and a big well done to you. Thank you I enjoyed it.

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