Back In The Studio With Beth Hart And More!

Beth hart joe bonamassa blondie chaplin


Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart are back in the studio. Joining them in the studio is Blondie Chaplin (Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, The Band). So far they’ve been in the studio for two days. Joe and Beth’s first album titled “Don’t Explain” was released September 2011. Blondie Chaplin has recorded previously with Joe Bonamassa, most recently on Joe’s latest album “Driving Towards The Daylight“. Keep you’re eyes opened for Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart’s new studio album, due for release late Spring 2013.

3 thoughts on “Back In The Studio With Beth Hart And More!

  1. I’ve just listened “We Want Groove” by RCFP… awesome album!
    Now I’m waiting for this!!!

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