Back To The States!


Joe is just wrapping up the Black Country Communion tour, which has nearly run for two months now. He will be returning back to the states on Saturday.

Last two shows coming up this week for BCC .. I just want to thank all in our production crew most of which have pulled double duty and have been out all 16 weeks with my solo band and BCC… Love you all and thank you all for the tremendous amount of hard work… Home on Saturday folks!!! woo hoo!!

Joe has a some down time for August and September. The normal Joe solo show with his normal band will pickup in October. After hitting the UK, Joe will come back to the status. Always stay up to date with the latest tour information, available here.

Also make sure to catch Joe at the Baked Potato on August 13th. More details can be found here, about this exclusive gig.

One thought on “Back To The States!

  1. HI watched the live gig at the Albert Hall last night it blew me away man you are a freak S.R.V would be smiling down looking at your skill .My brother asked me to go and see you when you where in Melbourne i didnt make it so sorry now i would like to hear you versions of Little Wing ,Green Onions ,If Six Where Nine,Machine Gun ,Whole lotta of Luv,Voodo Chile, Albatross ,Hey Joe,Im a Ram i could go on & on you and your band are fantastic thanks Gino

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