Background Voice On Dust Bowl


On Joe Bonamassa’s new album, the title track Dust Bowl has a mysterious background voice.  You’ll hear it fade in and out from time to time, as you can hear in the video above. The voice is done by Peter Van Weelden. Most of you know Peter from his amps that he makes for Joe. He is the master of amps.

Peter is pictured above from the Black Rock Studio recording sessions for Dust Bowl in Santorini, Greece. It’s definitely a great addition to the song, no complaints at all. The track sounds better on the album. It’s more distinguished and easier to hear. As I’ve said  before, the album is a must have. Just one of the many cool surprises on Dust Bowl, order your copy today if you haven’t already. Is it March 22nd yet?

3 thoughts on “Background Voice On Dust Bowl

  1. cant you post this article about peter on jbxp? i tried but the site is having some technical problems.

  2. Has anybody figured out what exactly Peter is saying in the background? I can’t seem to get it… although it really doesn’t matter cuz it sounds cool anyway. Peter does have a soothing deep voice that only deepens the feeling of the song.

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