Black Country Communion Debut Album To Be Released On Vinyl

Black Country Communion’s debut self-titled album is due for release in late September. Just announced today, the album will come in three different formats. These formats will include Vinyl, a 2 disc special edition (CD/DVD), and a normal CD. The vinyl album will consist of a double-sided 12″ vinyl record.

The double disc album will include the normal CD with a bonus DVD. On the bonus DVD will reside a music video of “The Great Divide” along with live tracks that were recorded in Riverside, California. There will also be other bonus items, such as behind the scenes footage.

Track listing:
01. Black Country
02. One Last Soul
03. The Great Divide
04. Down Again
05. Beggarman
06. Song Of Yesterday
07. No Time
08. Medusa
09. The Revolution In Me
10. Stand (At The Burning Tree)
11. Sista Jane
12. Too Late For The Sun

We will keep you update with information as it becomes available. Bonamassa Live will also setting up a pre-order soon.

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