Bonamassa Dominating iTunes Music Charts

Joe bonamassa itunes charts

Joe’s new album, “Driving Towards The Daylight” is dominating the online music word of Apple’s iTunes. iTunes is the world’s most popular online digital music service, generating millions of downloads on a daily basis. Currently out of the 22 countries that have iTunes available, Joe’s “Driving Towards The Daylight” is #1 on the iTunes Blues Chart in 15 countries. Joe has a total of 16 albums ┬álisted as #1, with the 16th number one album being “Don’t Explain” with Beth Hart, which is #1 in France. Congrats to Joe and band for another phenomenal album. “Driving Towards The Daylight” is Joe’s best album to date and incase you didn’t know, the title track is available for free on iTunes! If you aren’t a fan of digital music, order your CD copy through Bonamassa Live!

2 thoughts on “Bonamassa Dominating iTunes Music Charts

  1. Joe has done it again, and what a fantastic album is. Driving towards the daylight really cuts deep into your soul. Thanks again Joe

  2. Could not agree more with you Jeff it is one of his finest releases, the voice too throughout the whole album is simply out of this world. There are so many standout tracks, i really can’t pick one, but if i had to the title track is so moving, it would melt the ice away in Alaska, stunning. Let’s hope world domination is just around the corner and rightly so,

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