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  1. Hi Joe, i love the sound of your acoustic guitars on the acoustic show in Vienna. I think guitars is recorded by a beyer M69. But i am not sure. Is this micro used ?

    Thanks for your guitar playing and the fabulous songs you’re composing.


  2. It would be owesome to make a tribute to
    Steve Ray Vaughan.
    Have you ever thought about if
    Steve was still alive,playing the blues on the same stage together?

  3. Hey Joe, just want to say thank you for all the great music you have over the years. I have only seen you once and that was back in 2001 at jeff healys club in Toronto, Canada. I still have the cd of New Day Yesterday that you signed for me after the show. Man, I knew that you were going to be big from that moment on, and I was right. I’m 53 and have been playing guitar for 36 or 37 years now, and I love the blues. Nothing better for the soul than the blues. I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and I hope maybe someday you will come to our little rock and roll town and play a gig, it would be awesome. Again, thank you Joe for all of the great music, and thank you for inspiring me to continue to play the guitar, an instrument that I believe has been my life saviour at some of the deepest darkest times of my life. Keep up the great work brother and fellow musician.

    James Dunstan

  4. Joe,
    We got to go to your show both in Denver in 2013 at the Paramount and then again in Cheyenne last night. You and all who play with you are tremendously talented musicians and anyone lucky enough to attend one of your concerts is lucky indeed. My husband and got to go with family and friends some of whom were introduced to your talents for the first time. We will all be coming back. Wish we could go and see you at Red Rocks.

  5. Hello Joe,

    I had the great pleasure to see you perform in Albuquerque NM, I hope you decide to come back on another tour. Without a doubt you are the best musician i have ever seen and heard. I absolutely love your music. Please come back again!!!

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