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  1. Hi,
    Was wondering if Joe is going to be in NJ this year (2011). Looking to buy tickets as gift for my nephew. Westbury is a little far for us (2hrs).


  2. Hi Susy,

    There are no booked shows for NJ yet, Westbury is the closest. I will be going to that show.


  3. Joe,
    I’m sorry to say that I just got turned on to your music, and WOW, you are sick my friend.
    I have played your music for the past couple of day’s with friends and we all want to know when your coming to Salt Lake city, Utah.

    Thank’s again,

  4. ru touring the uk this yr if so when and where(birmingham)? and when will the tickets go on sale? my dad loves u n its his birthday soon

  5. I had the extreme pleasure to see Joe the God Bonamassa on February 23rd in Albuquerque New Mexico. WOW!! The entire band performs with extreme devotion and dedication. I was covered with goose bumps the entire show! He has a new number one fan in New Mexico and I would travel afar to see him shred his guitar again and again and again. When will be back in The Land of Enchantmant? Becky

  6. Saw Joe last weekend in Dallas. Great show. Big debate going about the encore numbers. Anybody know for sure what the first encore song was. Second number was Just Got Paid, just not sure about the first song. Thanks.

  7. I went out and bought all of your cd’s even the old school ones!! Love You Joe!!!!!!

  8. I am wondering how I can become eligible to pre-purchase tickets to Joe’s Chicago show on 10/27. I understand that pre-purchase options are available 4/4. Tickets go on sale to the general public 4/7

  9. i recall seeing a cleveland show in october…..but it’s not on your list for 2011..

    help me out!!! saw you in Cincinnati AMAZING!!!!!

    thanks… keep up the great work!!!!

  10. Will you be performing in Oregon this year? My son, Brady, graduates this year from high school and is all things guitar (electric)! He’s been taking private lessons from Gary Rowles, son of the late jazz pianist Jimmy Rowles, and hopes to tour and perform one day. He’s currently in the school’s jazz band. He is also interested in becoming a luthier and is just about finished with his first electric guitar as his senior project in high school, studying under Paul Kinkaid at Oregon State University. The staff at the high school has been ecstatic about his guitar project as they’ve watched him pack pieces of lumber back and forth to the school, that over time, has morphed into a pretty awesome looking guitar–it’s driving him crazy that he can’t play it yet! Anyway, we would love to make his dream come true and take him to one of your concerts as a belated graduation gift this year. We might be able to make the Seattle concert, but if you’re coming down to Oregon this year, we’d probably attend that one instead. Brady discovered your music this year and we both love it! It’s definitely inspired him and taken him in a blues direction. Thank you.

  11. Hi,

    Joe’s tour dates are still being posted, I would keep my eye on the tour page. Joe will be in that area in December. More dates still to be posted.. 🙂

    Best of luck to your son!


  12. I just recently heard Joe’s name again last year…I often wondered what ever happened to him. I went years ago, to the lilac fest (?) in Rochester, NY years ago to an outdoor venue with BB King. Out comes this little kid with a hat, chubby cheeks and a guitar. I thought it was a joke…introduced as ‘Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa from Utica, NY. I think his father was on the side of the stage. When the band started and threw his head back and started playing, I almost fell over. He kicked butt. He then came out later with BB. He stole the show. I saw him again in Buffalo at a bar called Major Hooples. My friend Harvey Morrell backed him up playing bass. I still have the flyer from the bar. He was around 11 years old. I just saw him on PBS at Seton Hall in London. Made the big time, huh, Joe?! Can’t wait to get my hands on your CD’s. You are truly a gift for the Blues in this day and age. Sorry I missed you at Univ. at Buffalo. I hope to see you again soon.

  13. Just heard on PBS that you will be in Savannah, Ga. in November. Any idea when tickets will go on sale.

  14. How do I find a promo code for Joe’s concert in Phoenix in 12-5-2011 ? Ticketmaster says there is a code. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. HELP

  15. Can someone post on jbxp on the pre-sale password page what the password is for Richmond, 11/13/11? I posted on that page -Valerie Hamilton. Thank you! I can try here tomorrow morning also.

  16. was wondering if joe was going to be in las angeles or san diego area in future and how to join his fan club , i think he is great watched dvd Royal Albert Hall

  17. Hi,

    Always heard Joe is very taper friendly.
    Planning on seeing Joe in South Carolina in November.
    Wondering about carring my camcorder along?
    Any ideas?


  18. Joe,you should have look at Harvest Jazz and Blues Fest in Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada,great artists come up every year and you’d be a great addition,ie Johnny Lang,Buddy Guy,Levon Helm and about hundred more this year,cheers and I love the new album.

  19. Any chance of Joe returning to the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita, Kansas? It’s been almost 3 years ago that he started his tour here, and we would love for him to return!

  20. In regards to Joe’s amazing performance at “The Beacon” will that be also available on bluray? I can only hope, great to see Joe & band on fire, what an amazing year of music for Joe, talk about being busy,
    look forward to next year too.

  21. Awesome Show in Vancouver on December, 17, 2011 your performance was awe inspiring, you are the best that I have ever seen or heard, great skills, range, and talents “The best kept secret in the music world” Come back to Vancouver soon the crowd loved you and your performance! The buzz after the show was like nothing I have ever seen or heard before. For such a young man you have a lot ahead of you keep it up and your loyal fans will reward your skills, dedication, passion and hard work. GREAT GREAT SHOW COME BACK VERY SOON and DO TWO SHOWS

  22. Awesome PBS show. I see the May 25 2012 show @ Hampton Beach Casino.
    Link does not work to purchase tickets as the other tour dates.

    Really want to purchase some tix for that show any additional info would be great.

    Thanks for your help

  23. Hello Joe, I saw your concert from the Royal Albert Hall on public tv. I went out and bought several of your cs. I took my daughter and her fiancee to see you in Nov. in Philly. You are great! I have listened to your music everyday since seeing your conceet on tv. I feel you are a great person as well as a great guitar player. Your song Asking Around for you touched me profoundly.My husband died in July 2008 and your song gave me a great deal of comfort. Your music has had a good effect on my mood and I plan to continue listening to you and look forward to your new release in March ’12.

  24. Hello! I am wondering when tour dates for after May 2012 will be posted? Just received our signed Soliloquy print yesterday and can’t wait to book airline tickets for a location in late summer/early fall. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!!!

  25. I was always a fan of rock until 2 years ago a good friend introduced me to the blues. Another friend told me about Joe on PBS at Royal Albert Hall and I was mesmerized. Joe has the amazing ability to make you feel his music as if you are the only person in the room. Its soothing and it rocks. What a phenomenal talent and man. Looking forward to seeing Joe for the first time in April 2012.

  26. Hello Joe, I’m writing from Germany, City of Dortmund. I’ve seen and heard your concert in Essen. Amazing! Godlike! Heaven-inspired! Now I’m not able to think of anything else. Nothing compares to you, I’m sure.
    I hope so much that you will return to Germany and that it will not take such a long time.
    Passionately waiting for the “God of Guitar”,

  27. just back from seeing joe and the band in Newcastle UK
    Amazing gig cant wait for the next time on tour here.
    Was at BCC gig last year That was great but this was awesome.

  28. So looking forward to the 11/24/12 concert in DC. Can you tell me when tickets are going on sale.

  29. I just wanted to say that I watched you on PBS the other night and I’m totally hooked!! I had heard your name before but never really knew much about you so thought I would give you a chance. You had me mezmerized!! I recorded it and I watch it over and over. My daughter asks me how many times I can watch it and I told her that I can’t get enough! Sometimes the way you play that guitar is absolutely sensual! Thank you for turning me on to the blues! I never knew how much I liked them!

  30. Hey there you magic string man… Looking forward to the November 20th 2012 show in Springfield Ma.
    Safe travels

  31. Was just typing this message when it disappeared. Here goes again. Just saw you at the Fresno Saroyan Theater on 4/19/12. Your freak’n amazing and there are no adequate superlatives to describe what you do with a guitar. And your band is equally tight. But I gotta tell ya, a small venue like the Saroyan (about 2,000 people), cannot take the high volume and audience lighting that was used. Your sound guy needs to take it down a notch or two, especially on the drum bass. People’s organs were literally vibrating and their brains concussing,and I watched a few poor souls have to give it up and leave early. And the frequent direct lighting into the audience was enough to induce an epileptic seizure. Don’t take away from your fan’s being able to concentrate on what you do. You’re beautiful, dude. Hope my suggestion is taken in the spirit its given.

  32. Hello Rick
    I noticed your Buddha today on the Stellar R.A.H. concert DVD, and just read your story of how it got broken on tour.
    Just so happens that I have just created a unique Southwest version of the Buddha called “EL Tranquilo” (the peaceful one,The Quiet one)
    and the only one “with a Sombrero.”
    I would like to send you one to replace the broken if you would be interested.
    You can have a look Online at the one I created and see if he is worthy of the position in the Band.
    link: Buddha of the Southwest

    Thanks Rick for your time,consideration, and the Beautiful, Inspiring Music!

    Will Cascio
    Owner: Heavy Magic

  33. Dear Sir, I love the sunglasses you wear at the Royal Albert Hall concert, can you please tell me make and type please?
    Best regards

  34. Hi Joe. I hope you had an outstanding birthday. Royal Albert Hall is still my favorite, as it was my introduction to you and your music. Really enjoy Beacon Theater, and am looking forward to getting Driving Towards the Daylight when it hits the store on the 22nd. Thank you again for the autographed pic (thank you to Alex again for getting my thank you letter to you). Your music still “takes me to a place I’d forgotten I could go. You are an amazing guitarist and coupled with your vocal quietness, I am so glad I discovered your music. I am still telling everyone about you. Anyway, I hope you had an amazing birthday. And heres hoping you have an outstanding show at the Benedum tomorrow night. I’ll be there in spirit.

  35. OOPS! Forgot to check the notify me by email follow-up comments box. Time for bed!!! ):

  36. Just wondering when tickets for the Nov. 16 show at Toledo are going on sale? This show is listed on the tour page but nothing yet on Ticketmaster.

  37. Hi Joe, I first saw you on a local PBS station awhile back,and was blown away by your amazing guitar playing. Since then I have purchased, so far 6 of your cd’s., and also 3 tickets to your concert being held on Long Island on Nov. 23. I have a brand new never opened VHS of Cream’s Farewell concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. On the PBS interview you mentioned how your Dad had brought home the VHS one day and how much listening to it had help to develop your own style of playing! Any chance of being able to meet and present you with it at the Nov. 23 concert?



  38. I have to write because I feel like a schmuck.I have been less than kind to Joe’s playing.I have seen him play several times.Even with Bloodlines.I have come to the conclusion that it is sour grapes on my part.We are the same age and I feel I am a good guitar player.Joe is obviously no regular guitarist.It was pure envy on my part.I have recently received a small award that gives some kudos.The amount of haters is crazy.I met you and you could have not been more humble or gracious.He showed me his guitars and I got to hold the Burst.I can’t imagine the praise and the negativity.It was an honor and from now on I will remember all the work and effort it takes to be creative.It does not take that much to be a critic.Joe you made me feel foolish and taught me a lesson.Thank You and Thank You for being nice to me and the other botb contestants.

  39. TY very much for last night we loved your concert. One word to the wise. The elevator music that was playing after the concert was Barry Manillow. left a big question mark. Say what????
    Thank you again

  40. Hello Joe
    Like a lot of people saw you first on PBS and my wife and I were instant fans. My wife then bought me tickets to see you at the Fox in Detroit and you were even better live and now I’m taking her to Amsterdam on June 29th to see you there. Were sure it will be the high lite of our trip.

  41. Hi Joe, followed you for years now,great job with Beth in Carre you did mate.
    Please look at the dutch Big Pete, plays the blues verry well great voice also.
    He played once with The Mannish Boys look at youtube.
    He has his 1e album out in 2011,he is Dutch but he’s got the blues!!
    Hope to see you soon in Holland again.
    Kind regards,Erik.

  42. By a stroke of luck (in town catching a cruise ship a few days later) we caught your show at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans last year ( Nov. 2013). Received the Amsterdam DVD of you and Beth Hart as a gift WOW, what a show! Any chance of you and Beth doing more and touring select cities in North America ?
    Kind Regards, Thomas B

  43. how can anybody do a tour and not include Philly, I love the Bonamassa Blues, Joe is 1 of the best guitarists on the planet.

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