Different Shades of Blue “Black Irish Eyes” Exclusive

Joe Bonamassa Different Shades Of Blue

I’ve really been enjoying the Bonus Tracks from Joe Bonamassa’s new release, Different Shades of Blue. This week we will be reviewing my favorite Bonus Track, Black Irish Eyes. This song is the last of the Bonus Tracks, ranking in at just over four and a half minutes. I hear a little bit of country in this song, with a bit of blues. And I absolutely love the way Joe’s voice sounds so clean in this song. It’s another original and you can listen it to below and give us your feedback! You can purchase your copy with Bonus Tracks at Best Buy.


One thought on “Different Shades of Blue “Black Irish Eyes” Exclusive

  1. What a great concert in Melbourne, i find it a little annoying that those extra 3 tracks are not on a special edition, where you can have a choice bought
    the album from his web-page and found out after i bought the album,
    a disappointing to say the least why do they do it, so i am buying the album a second time oh well

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