Dreams Come True

Leif de Leeuw, a 14 year old boy from Holland had his dream come true this week. Earlier in the week, Leeuw had posted on Joe’s forum about an upcoming concert in Amsterdam.

Dear Joe,

I am 14 years old and I am your biggest fan. When I heard the song, Blues Deluxe, my life changed.. I saw earlier this year you play the 26th of november at the royall carre theather in amesterdam. My biggest dream is to meet you in person and/or to play a song together.

Joe responded fairly quickly and welcomed him to join him at the gig for soundcheck. During the soundcheck, Leeuw got a personal lesson from Mr. Bonamassa and jammed with him. After eating dinner with Joe and watching the show, Leeuw was invited to join Joe onstage during his next tour.

This goes to show how nice Joe is. Not only is he a great musician, but he’s a great person with a very big heart. There are not  many musicians around today like Joe. Leeuw is a very talented guitarist, you can watch him play:

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