“Driving Towards The Daylight” Cover & More!


The Official Cover Artwork for Joe Bonamassa’s new album titled “Driving Towards The Daylight” was unveiled today. Joe’s new album is still on schedule for a release date of May 22nd. Check out the track listing below. Exclusive preorders for the new album will open shortly through the fan website.

  1. Dislocated Boy
  2. Stones In My Passway
  3. Driving Towards The Daylight
  4. Who’s Been Talking
  5. I Got All You Need
  6. A Place In My Heart
  7. Lonely Town Lonely Street
  8. Heavenly Soul
  9. New Coat Of Paint
  10. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
  11. Too Much Ain’t Enough Love (w/ Jimmy Barnes)

Below is one of ten episodes that takes you inside the making of “Driving Towards The Daylight”. This album goes back to the blues roots with a rock feel.

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