Gibson Newsletter Features Joe and His Guitars

Joe is featured a recent newsletter from Gibson, where they review his work and some of his most notable musical instruments. Those instruments include Joe’s 1959 Les Paul, 1981 Flying V, and his Bona-Byrd. According to Gibson, Bonamassa is the most successful blues musician over the past decade. Hard work does pay off my friends! 


It is probably fair to say that Joe Bonamassa is the most successful blues guitarist of the past decade if you look at things such as tour attendance and album sales. But when you think about what Bonamassa has accomplished in the 12 years since his first release, A New Day Yesterday, it becomes apparent that there is a lot of hard work behind the success. To break it down, Joe has released 10 solo albums in the past 12 years, 4 live CDs, 3 live DVDs, and 2 albums with Black Country Communion (there’s a third album on the way). What other active musician can top that?

Joe is also an avid guitar collector and in 2007 said he owned “a couple hundred” guitars. One can only imagine that the collection has grown since. Recently he tweeted “Sometimes as a guitar collector you buy guitars from people looking to see it passed to a good home.” Here are some of the Gibson guitars in Joe’s collection that he has talked about in interviews or has been seen playing on stage over the years.

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  1. Just had my first Massa expereance live in London Ontario .It was over the top one of my top 5 concerts of over 40 years of live concerts.. This guy is the real deal in any live venue. If you get the chance to see him live you’ll know what i’m talki’n about.

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