Guitar Backing Tracks

Anyone out there looking for some guitar backing tracks? There is a thread over at Joe’s forum, where different users are sharing backing tracks that they have. All of these backing tracks come in handy while doing your own recording. I’d like to start a collection for the fan website as well. If you do have any, please feel free to email me and we will get a list together and make it available to everyone.

8 thoughts on “Guitar Backing Tracks

  1. Hello,
    my name is Paolo from italy and Bonamassa’s fan
    Please help me. Where y can find the track of “DJANGO” naturally whitout guitar?
    This song in “live from no where in particular” is fantastic and y want to play

  2. Hi, Im from Rio de janeiro, brazil, and i want the backing track of Blues deluxe, very thanks !!!

  3. Hello, I am Luigi and I write from Italy ‘.

    And ‘possible to receive the backing track of Django?

    thank you

  4. Hi everybody. I know this is a tough request, but I would love to have some live version backing tracks. Especially Chains and Things, Midnight Blues, Dust Bowl. Not much right?

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