It’s Been Ten Years…


Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of Joe’s first live DVD shoot, A New Day Yesterday Live. The DVD was shot on December 21, 2001 at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A lot has changed since then, this was Joe’s only show where he played with women dancing on stage. He’s  moved on from the bar scene, he no longer drives around in an astro van and trailer. Even though Joe did not have a big production team like he does now back then, Joe’s sound was still dead on. Some of you who have been Joe fans for years will agree. It was not rare to see Joe standing behind the soundboard mixing the sound to just the way he likes it. Hope everyone has a great holiday season and I know I’m looking forward to the next ten years of Joe’s career!

2 thoughts on “It’s Been Ten Years…

  1. I love the A New Day Yesterday Live DVD! Joe, what a stud, has been true to himself throughout the years. He is one smart man and one to see live if you haven’t yet. Be prepared to be blown away! I always am. I’m looking forward to enjoying the next 10+ years of Joe’s talent. Bad Kitty

  2. Totally awsome..Joe plays and sings like the great
    Rock and blues people that, grew up listening
    To and show performances of throughoout the late
    1960’s and 70’ can see he truly loves his art
    and loves his fans..I didn’t think this was possible
    in these times..( year 2011-12..) i am happy to see
    the heart of rock and roll..the blues player and true guitar
    slinger.. lives on in Joe..I know that..i will keep my eye
    On this Guitar man..look forward to years of good
    Music and the gift of himself with each performance!

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