JB Signature Guitar Picks on Ebay


Have you been on Ebay recently? A lot of the Joe Bonamassa Signature Jazz 3 picks are showing up for auction. A lot of people claim that these picks are rare or played by Joe. Maybe some are played by Joe, but I can guarantee that most are not. From what I’ve seen, very few show any wear / tear on them. Plus, most people who get picks that Joe has used keep them as mementos.

With that being said, there is no need to buy them off Ebay, where you’ll be charged any where from $5 to $10 per pick. If you check out the Official Joe Bonamassa Store, you can get a whole tin of guitar picks for $10. I bet sellers on Ebay are trying to make a quick buck, by just buying them and reselling them. Just a heads up.. until next time!

One thought on “JB Signature Guitar Picks on Ebay

  1. I noticed the same thing just yesterday, thanks for posting your observance. I ordered a tin for my son; they look the same as the ones on ebay…..

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