Joe and Ted Nugent

A clip of Joe and Ted Nugent jamming together was recently uploaded to YouTube. Joe was a guest on the Supergroup show which ran on VH1 for a bit. It’s a short clip, but great none the less.

Ted Nugent had the following to say about Joe after the show:

Last night, my musical jihad grew even more hair on its scrotum, because I got to jam onstage, no band, just a couple of Les Pauls and a kid named Joe Bonamassa, a white kid from New York. It was just us onstage, and this little white prick, and this older white prick, continued to pretend we weren’t, in fact, white at all. This kid deserves to be in the same class with Stevie Ray F****** Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. It was really inspiring. So this kid and I had maybe 40 minutes of exchanges of notes that don’t exist, guitar sounds that are brand new, and soul and emotion that can only go back into the glow of the B.B./Albert/Freddy King world

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