Joe Bonamassa On Yahoo!


Fellow street teamer Jim Ruth wrote an editorial on Joe and guess what? It’s published on Jim is a very dedicated street teamer and has been a fan of Joe for a long time. Street teaming can go a long way. Below is a portion of his editorial.

“Bona-who?”, is a phrase I have heard numerous times when I talk about my favorite contemporary artist to mainstream music enthusiasts. There is little doubt that many of our readers will utter the same phrase while reading the title of this article. However, “Joe Bonamassa” is a name that is becoming increasingly more familiar to music fans around the world thanks to Guitar World Magazine describing Joe as the “New Blues-Rock Titan”.

You can continue reading the full article at Yahoo.  Great work Jim!

One thought on “Joe Bonamassa On Yahoo!

  1. Great stuff “anything” to promote J.B. and band and his father’s business is a a brilliant idea, next for Joe and everyone concerned
    will be “world domination”.

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