Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face Pedal


Joe’s signature Fuzz Face Pedal has been released to the public recently. The pedal is made by Dunlop. It runs for $199 and if ordered from Joe’s store, you get a free bonus Dust Bowl shirt thrown in with your order. These will be harder to come across because only one batch of pedals is made per year.

So far, the pedal has gotten a lot of great feedback. Premier Guitar Magazine did a full blown out review of the pedal in their January 2011 issue.

The JBF3 marks a welcome return of many of the qualities and quirks that made the original Fuzz Face a fave of the greats. It’s not as forgiving, smooth, or harmonically even as many boutique pedals that claim the Fuzz Face for inspiration. But to this reviewer’s ears at least, that’s where the magic of this particular Fuzz Face lies. Even the sweetest sounds lurking within the JBF3 are colored by a little grit that can grab you by the throat, cut through a mix, and snarl with attitude. It’s equally at home with hot humbuckers or single-coils, particularly if you’re willing to explore the potential of a guitar’s tone knob. Subtle it is not. But this Fuzz Face can certainly sing. And if you’re willing to stake out some tone turf on the rougher side of town, this pedal will pay your adventurism back handily.

The review from Premier Guitar Magazine also offers two different sound samples. The first sample is at max volume with max fuzz and the second sample is at noon volume with noon fuzz. Check out the full article on their website.

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