Joe Bonamassa’s Appearance On The David Letterman Show

Joe did a great job last night on the David Letterman show. He got to play several songs with the house orchestra including Crossroads and Blues Deluxe. Dave did a great job promoting Joe and his new album, Driving Towards The Daylight. It was great positive feedback and you could tell that Dave was digging the music. Here’s a video from YouTube, that has all of the clips from Joe playing on the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Joe return to the David Letterman show in the future.

Joe used the following gear playing on the Letterman show:

  • Gibson Les Paul 1959 9-1228 aka “Sandy”
  • SIR rental 65 twin Reverb Reissue
  • Maxon Tube Screamer

One thought on “Joe Bonamassa’s Appearance On The David Letterman Show

  1. We felt the same way as Letterman. Joe was so great in Topeka. I would encourage everyone to go see him. He’s amazing to be so young!

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