Joe Bonamassa’s New Drummer Tal Bergman

Joe Bonamassa will be supported by new drummer Tal Bergman for the 2011 touring year. Tal has toured and worked with such artists as Billy Idol, LL Cool J, Rod Stewart. According to Tal’s website, he is also the associate producer and drummer for Grammy nominated album It Had To Be You : The Great American Soundbook by Rod Stewart. Welcome to the family Tal and congratulations to you… See you on the road!

PS – New bio page for Tal coming soon.

12 thoughts on “Joe Bonamassa’s New Drummer Tal Bergman

  1. Fantastic. Tal is one of my favourite drummers (Carmine my fav Bass player since lts dance, Joe, no need to explain). But the amazing thing is my best friends sons Noam and Tal are taking drum lessons in HK and I told them that Tal Bergman was someone they should emulate – the worlds best kept secret on drumkit. Cant wait to see the show in Newcastle. Once in a lifetime chance for me.

  2. Is this the drummer on the Guitar Center Sessions? He looks a bit like Sammy Hagar don’t you think? He is good but I will miss Bogie. Keep on Rocking Joe…we’ll see you in Columbus and Cincinnati on the 18th and 19th. We are driving up from NC.

  3. Yes, that would be Tal Bergman. Lots of great positive feedback so far about him. Looking forward to seeing him live myself.


  4. Just saw Tal with Joe in Reading, PA and he was great. Sure I will miss Bogie and I wish him well but Tal is his own drummer and a great fit for Joe!

  5. Saw Tal in Zurich… he’s in a league of his own! As Joe is on guitar.. Tal is on Drums… Incredible drummer!!

  6. Saw JB last night in Chicago, IL. Incredible gig and an outstanding performance by Tal!! It was a great concert!

  7. Saw JB for the first last night in Phoenix, AZ. Great show. It is one thing to hear a recording of JB, but to see him and his band perform is an eye opening experience. I am a drummer and was not familiar with his Tal’s name, but he was phenomenol. Not only great chops, but a very musical drummer. You could see him listening to the music and playing within the song. He complemented JB’s playing better than anybody to date. He has a wide array of styles that he was able to pull from. Great job and great show. I hope JB and Tal continue this relationship for many years.

  8. saw bonamassa at oakland dec 9th and he rocked , drumerr was off the hook banging it like no 2morror. rock on guys . next year bring it to sac , california.

  9. We went to Joe’s concert at Sheffield last night! Fantastic! I was completely blown away with the drumming. very inspiring, as I am learning to play the drums…pity I wasn’t within catching distance for the drum sticks..

  10. just purchased live at the beacon and this guy is a very powerful drummer! reminds me of john bonham, the way he beats them down. actually has influenced joe’s sound a bit but not in a bad way. have tics for joe in springfield ill in may. cant wait!

  11. omg Tal Bergman was incredible at the Evansville Indiana show last night! What an extreme talent this guy is! He and Joe seem to compliment and bring out the animal in each other. wooHOO! They were FABULOUS together in their battle of the instruments where the audience picks the fave by screaming at the top of their collective lungs. I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!

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