Joe Plays Fan’s Guitar During Show


Joe is pictured above playing one of his signature Les Paul guitars. That guitar is serial #184 out of 300. By the way, it is not from Joe’s personal collection. That guitar belongs to Patty aka pattyluvsjoe. Patty won the guitar from Joe’s affiliate contest a while ago. During the meet and greet of the Davenport, Iowa show Patty brought the guitar. Joe took a look at the guitar and instead of just playing it during the meet and greet, he decided he would play it during the actual show. Joe is pictured above playing the guitar during The Ballad of John Henry. Check out the full video below and congrats to Patty!

5 thoughts on “Joe Plays Fan’s Guitar During Show

  1. Once again amazing stuff. I have a strange feeling, that Joe’s “Dust Bowl” will be his biggest selling album to date, the anticipation is huge! Can’t wait.

  2. Saw him two nights after this performance.Great show from a true professional!

  3. We saw Joe at C.Y Stephens auditoriun in Ames Iowa, he has got to be the hardest working guy in showbiz. He put on a truly amazing show he is a class act. I will definatley h=go see hom again.

  4. I first saw Joe on The Guitar Center piece. He played so well and connected with his audience and shared about playing to some empty rooms at first. We have the same listening preferences as well. Been there as well. I retired from playing nearly 30 years ago and all I can say is, Joe you got my blood moving again and I felt the same rush I used to get when I played during the 70’s. The only difference is now I am a senior citizen I have to accompany that surge of energy with some medication. Guess I ‘ll have to rock the nursing home someday. I’ll carry the banner of “listen to Joe play” as you have so much to offer the listener and enthusiast. Keep on!

    West Palm Beach, FL

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