Keeping The Blues Alive


Joe Bonamassa’s Keeping the Blues Alive 501(c)(3) seeks to promote Blues Music through regularly scheduled school assemblies during Joe’s tour schedule. The program also aims to create awareness about Blues Music and its impact on our culture, to the next generation of youth. Additionally, it’s goal is to provide funding for music programs and educational scholarships.

Blues Music – the uniquely American art form, has been celebrated, embraced, and cherished for more than 100 years. Keeping the Blues Alive 501(c)(3) aspires to foster and highlight the rich, inspirational history of Blues Music through Joe’s personal experience and growth within the Blues/Rock community over the past 20+ years. These sessions will include rising artists and current Blues and Blues/Rock artists, often featuring current, contemporary interpretations of traditional American Blues songs.

Through these events, Keeping the Blues Alive 501(c)(3) endeavors to stimulate and enhance both the passion and awareness of Blues Music by exposing students to its cultivation from African American poetry, spirituals, and work songs. All of this is achieved by instilling a message that through perseverance, hard work, and dedication, one can achieve the dreams they desire.

Interested in bringing Joe to a school near you? Check out the Keeping The Blues Alive website and make it happen!

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