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Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday, Joe will be playing the legendary Beacon Theater in NYC. Both nights will be shot for the live DVD. I’ve also heard t hat each night will have its own special guests. Each show will be different. Saturday is completely sold out, but you can still find a few people selling tickets. Too bad they won’t be able to make it!

Friday still has some seats available. Pretty positive that Friday will be a sell out too. Tickets will go quickly before each show, during the day. No word on who the special guests will be as of yet, but less than 24 hours from now, I will be at the Beacon! I will be there for both shows, tweeting live from the Bonamassa Live Twitter. So if you’re not following the fan website now on twitter, it’s time to follow! You don’t want to miss the pictures and tweets from both of the Beacon Shows.

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7 thoughts on “Live From The Beacon Theater

  1. I seen Joe at the Wang Center last night. The show was awesome. I drove down to Boston from Maine. I am a huge fan and it was my first time seeing him live : )

  2. Can’t wait to get updates, just not sure if your getting my tweets or post as I am not sure how this twitter thing works…

  3. Just left the Beacon in NYC, Joe’s guitar was smoking hot tonight. Unbelievable performance! It’s been a long time since we had a such a talented, young rock musician.

  4. I travelled down to Boston from Springhill Nova Scotia Canada to catch the gig at the Wang.Awesome, fantastic,loved every second.He was humble in his thanks to the audience for coming out.Hopefully I’ll get another chance to see this truly gifted guitar player do his thing again.

  5. Just left the Beacon in NYC. Joe’s performance was incredible! So glad I heard him on Public TV and got to see him live. Fantastic music all night long- rocked the house!

  6. I’m sure that Joe Bonamassa will be renowned as the world’s best blues/alternative guitarist of our time. I’ve seen him twice, and can’t wait to see him again. The band is incredible, and Joe clearly expresses his awesome creative genius

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