New Bonamassa DVD Planned For Summer 2012


We just got a live DVD from Beacon, which was spectacular! But wait, there is more! Joe and the band will be doing an acoustic tour this summer. The tour will be making a stop at the famous Vienna State Opera House in Vienna, Austria on July 3rd. This is Joe’s second DVD shoot in less than a year. I hope this DVD like the majority of the others is released on CD. Joe posted today on Facebook about meeting up with right hand man, Kevin Shirley.


Joe’s acoustic playing is phenomenal, absolutely no one can get enough of “Woke Up Dreaming”. Imagine a whole acoustic show, filled with tunes that we’ve heard acoustic before and some that we haven’t! Tickets to this amazing gig can be purchased here. We will fill you in with details as they come in!

We have also opened up preordering for Joe’s new studio album “Driving Towards The Daylight”. All preorders can now be placed, click here! Keep in mind all preorders ship weeks before release!

2 thoughts on “New Bonamassa DVD Planned For Summer 2012

  1. Does Joe EVER slow down!? lol!! I’m sure the acoustic shows will be mind-blowing!!! So glad it will be filmed so everyone can enjoy!!

  2. This news is most rewarding! If we fans can’t fly to Vienna, at least we can view the brilliance that is in Joe’s acoustic work. I’m a huge fan of his instrumental pieces. This is classy stuff Mr. Joseph Bonamassa! Classy stuff.
    Yours in music, DebFromMaine

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