Royal Albert Hall DVD Gone Gold!?


Well, well, well… look what we have here! That’s a picture of Rick, Roy, Carmine, and Joe. Notice what they’re holding? It appears to a plaque certifying Joe’s Royal Albert Hall DVD for going gold! Congrats to Joe, Roy, and the band for getting gold. The Royal Albert Hall DVD was filmed on May 4, 2009 at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall. If I’m correct, that means RAH DVD has sold how many copies?? Watch the video below… !

5 thoughts on “Royal Albert Hall DVD Gone Gold!?

  1. Congratulations for going Gold in Germany!

    I saw the concert in Essen – it was fantastic!
    Thank you for being the band you are!

  2. So pleased for Joe Carmine Rick & Roy, The Royal Albert Hall DVD is so well produced and a real cinematic musical masterpiece.
    That’s why it is in so many households around the globe
    Major Congrats Joe

  3. I stumbled upon Joe on I Tunes recently and can’t believe I have not heard of him before.
    We need these guys to come up to Canada, Edmonton to be exact.
    Joe, I love you (in a good way). I will buy anything you put out,and all my friends will know of you as well.
    Thank you for sharing your special gift.
    John Harder
    Edmonton Canada

  4. Dear Joe and band: Your time has come! You don’t need one number one hit. You can count on your fans all over the world especially us German ones. Go your own way further and you’ll get what you deserve. You’re the greatest guitarist ever with a perfect band. Thank you for the music, it makes me feel good. Congratulations to 67.000 sold DVDs. Thank you for the remarkable evening in Saarbrücken. German fans are always waiting for a gig in your tour schedule. See you all soon…

  5. Congrats Joe!
    I knew you would be ” big time” since the first time that you played at Pierre’s in Fort Wayne, In. My support for you then, earned me free tickets and a backstage pass to two of your future shows at Pierre’s. Keep on sharing your knowledge with todays youth, so your style can be repeated!

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