Set List On Current Tour

Just in case you were wondering what the current set list is…

Cradle Rock
So Many Roads
When The Fire Hits The Sea
So It’s Like That
If Heartaches Where Nickels
Slow Train
Steal Your Heart Away
Sloe Gin
Ballad Of John Henry
Happier Times
Never Make Your Move Too Soon
Great Flood
Young Mans Blues
Woke Up Dreaming
Mountain Time
Bird On A Wire
Just Got Paid

Some songs that stand out – Cradle Rock, Never Make Your Move Too Soon, Steal Your Heart Away, and Slow Train. I personally have never seen Cradle Rock or Never Make Your Move Too Soon. Cradle Rock hasn’t been performed since around 2002 – 2003, if I remember correctly. Never Make Your Move Too Soon has never been performed live before. Another song that people don’t get to hear often is Steal Your Heart Away. That song is from Joe’s latest album, Black Rock. You might also noticed Slow Train, which is a yet to be released track. It will probably be on Joe’s next studio album that was recorded over the summer at Black Rock Studios in Greece.

2 thoughts on “Set List On Current Tour

  1. Really wish he’d do “Reconsider” instead of “Bird on a Wire”…. that is, unless ST is planning on showing up. I hope not. Although she’s getting better at it, she butchered the song in Fayetteville, AR, on 3/27/10.

  2. Please play more of new album in Columbus Ga. Spanish Boots, Blue and Evil. You will never have a request like this from a Nello ever again!!! Love ya brother!!!

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