Update From The Road

Here is a post from Joe on the forum….

Hey Ya’ll..
       Day 2 of 74 in Barcelona Spain.  Great country not my cup of tea and scones as far as food but “its a lifestyle change” .  Anyway many thanks to the 1400 who came out last night in Madrid.. Bout doubled our audience from the last time.  Wicked way to start the tour.  Longest year of my life coming to a end.  Lots to go but I can see my couch and tv from a way distance.  Lots of stops ahead including AMERICA!!! Yes indeed I haven’t forgotten about my homeys in the colonies.  New show, old favorites are back and even a  NEW SONG from the yet to be titled next solo record.  cool  Its called Slow Train.. You may see it on the Guitar Center Sessions TV 101 special I did before we arrive in 30 days.  A few tweaks to the show from last night and we are off.  Thank you all again for giving me the opportunity to go out and play music as my job.  New production, stage, screens the whole nine lined up for the Uk and America for the fall and I get to spend Thanksgiving in Nashville..!!!  I ll keep you posted along the way…


You heard it right, Joe and band will be playing a NEW song from the upcoming album called “Slow Train”. So if you haven’t already, make sure you get your Joe tix for a show near you. Should be a blast, guaranteed!

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