Who Needs Rolling Stone or SPIN


Joe was interviewed after a recent show in Ohio. He talked about how a lot of people have just discovered him and how everything has been changing so quickly. He also talks about playing the Taft Theater, which sits around three thousand people. Joe was asked about the top one hundred guitar players list released by Rolling Stone Magazine. Joe goes on to tell us why he doesn’t needs Rolling Stone or SPIN. It’s a shame that they have not noticed him.

Neither magazine has really featured Joe in print (Only once in SPIN, it was an ad that was paid for). Joe’s fanbase is all from word of mouth. Joe never has used a A & R radio guy either, for that matter. Check out the rest of the interview, it has interesting tidbits that you may have not known before.

2 thoughts on “Who Needs Rolling Stone or SPIN

  1. Joe!
    I think you should record an album with Abbie Gardner who is with “Red Molly”. It would give you both a fresh opportunity to showcase your talent and expand your repetour! She is an accomplished dobro player with a heavenly voice that would compliment your blues sound! Check her out! Regards, George McGill

  2. I somehow managed to let this cat slide under my radar for many years. If it wasn’t for
    the BCC tune One Last Soul which WDHA plays, I may still be under some rock somewhere. He epitomizes what playing guitar and blue is all about.

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