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  1. Joe Bonamassa what can i say that hasn’t been said? Joe just melt’s a guitar. He totally get’s into his music and so do I.

  2. I can’t see the tour dates for Spain. Madrid 10/01/2010 and Barcelona 10/03/2010.

    Andreu, first Joe Bonamassa Fan in Barcelona.

    Rock On!!!

  3. Hi Andreu,

    It looks like has not added them in yet. Our tour page synchronizes with their tour dates. I’m sure it will be added soon.


  4. I´ll try to see this amazing guitar-player in Madrid. It is not cheep, but what can I do, he playes so good that I have to listen to this fantastic player. Please Mr. Bonamassa, visit our country “Spain” more often.

  5. Hey Joe you should come to Albuquerque and play a show here, we love you, already got tickets to see you in anaheim and vegas, you played with our local guy ryan mcgarvey, you should come here, and ryan should play with you, love your music!!! and of course we love ryan!!!!

  6. I’d kill for him to come to New England. He’d sell out no problem.

    And dammit, I missed the HD Royal Albert Hall concert on Paladia.


  7. Also discovered Joe on Palladia-can’t believe a talent like him gets no notice. American radio has become such a corporate sham. Come to Texas Joe-especially Houston. We need you-Stevie Ray, Lord rest his soul, is long gone.

  8. just saw joe and band in Adelaide south australia may 27, WOW what a concert what talent, best concert i have seen in 25 years, done this 10-15 minute accoustic set, unbelievable

  9. I only discoverd Joe , a few months back and have been playing catch up since , he is one of the greatest guitarists I ever heard and when I heard Black Country Communion where playing Vicar Street in Dublin , I had to be there and they where great one of the best gigs I have ever been at. Thank for a great night and come back soon.

  10. Saw Joe in Carré Amsterdam last month and as usual it was fantastic! I’ve seen him in Rotterdam, Den Haag and à few times in Paradiso Amsterdam and it never gets boring! Remember one time he threw his guitar in the audience and the guy standing in front of me caught it! And if that wasn’t bad enough I later learned that the guy sold it on the Internet! Can you believen it! Next time Joe please throw a bit harder!

  11. Andreu Sanches! I can’t see dates of Spain neither. I’m so nervious waiting to buy tickets. I listen Bonamassa for 4 years and last year i saw him at Auditori in Barcelona, and I was so so surprised, this man is really amazing!! Well… if you are playing with 12 years old at the previous of B.B. King concert… is because you are a genious!!! Long live Bonamassa!!! Thanks for be what you are 🙂

  12. saw concert in iowa on iowa public television does any one know if the concert that tickets were given is already played.

  13. When will tour dates after May 2012 be posted? We are anxious to make travel plans for late summer/early fall to see Joe AGAIN!!!!

  14. Sue in Boston, he’s coming to Providence RI in May, not that far of a drive from Boston. I went to the show in Boston last November, well worth the drive, now he’s playing 20 min from my house, cant wait!

  15. Tour dates post May 2012?? Traveling from California requires a bit of planning so I’d love to have a schedule. Thanks!

  16. Counting down the days till i travel from Calgary to the UK to see JB at Blackpool Opera House. Cant wait to see Joe live, when will he come to Canada? Bring it on, George and George

  17. Looking forward to seeing Joe, Tal, Carmine and Rick again tonight. They played here in Luxembourg in october and it was absolutely great. Glad they are in the area so soon again, just a 100 km drive. Can’t wait to get there, only a few more hours!

  18. Still waiting for fall 2012 tour dates! We flew from California to see Joe at the Chicago Theatre (my hometown) last fall, will see him again next month, and want to make travel plans to see him in the fall. When will the dates be posted? We can hardly wait!!!

  19. Joe You’re a dam guitarist! You shoukd visit Beirut, Lebanon sometime… You won’t be disapointed !! i can promise you that… We need your rock in Lebanon !

  20. My wife and i saw saw Joe May 3rd in Detroit at the Fox and he rocks. Were going to Amsterdam June 29th to see him again. Hope he plays Last Kiss but doesn’t matter will be great regaurdless.

  21. you will be in montreal on april 9 2015 when tickets will be on sale and do you have special sale for thapeople of your fan club

  22. I know that joe has a lot of great songs, and he can’t play them all, but I’d love if he played a new day yesterday, woke up dreaming and john henry when he comes to Pittsburgh in March! A few of my favorites.

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