Joe Bonamassa Jams With Groove Legacy at The Baked Potato

Joe Bonamassa made an appearance at The Baked Potato to play with bandmate Paulie Cerra’s  band Groove Legacy and they nailed an absolute stunning version of “Blues Deluxe”. Check it out and you’ll agree.

Joe starts off the song singing, which transitions into a killer exchange of solos between Sam Meek, Paulie Cerra and Joe. Gigs like this make me want to live in California. You won’t see this epicness anywhere else. Please excuse me as I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Groove Legacy is:

Paulie Cerra (Sax & Vocals)
Andrew Lippman (Trombone)
Travis Carlton (Bass)
Sam Meek (Guitar)
Billy Steinway (Keys)
Donald Barrett (Drums)

Check out their website here and pick up their debut CD on iTunes. Stellar stuff that you don’t want to miss. Also, if you’re anywhere near SoCal, make sure you’re at the next gig. You never know who just may show up…