Joe Bonamassa 2016 Fall Pre-Sale Codes Now Available


We’ve been getting a lot of emails over the past few days about Joe’s upcoming 2016 Fall Tour. Lots of you have been asking what the pre-sale codes are. Good news is, we got them. A lot of you are also asking how do I join Joe’s fan club to get access to these codes? Back in the day, pre-sale codes were emailed to fans who had joined Bonamassa’s Street Team, via the Street Team website. Street Team members would register and include their location. Based upon your location, that would indicate the codes you would receive. That has changed.

All pre-sale codes are now posted on Joe’s Official Forum. If you have not visited the forum before, now would be the perfect time to do so. You’ll get to talk about Joe Bonamassa and connect with fellow fans who all share the same interest as you do – the love of Joe Bonamassa and his music. You’ll feel right at home and are for sure to make some great friendships.

With that being said, here are the list of pre-sale codes for Joe’s upcoming tour. Pre-sales started March 29th, but are still active in most markets.

7/19    Morrison, CO            MORJOE16
11/15   Kitchner, ON, CAN    JOEKIT16
11/16   Toronto, ON, CAN     TOR16JOE
11/18   Buffalo, NY              JOEBUF16
11/19   Westbury, NY           16WNYJOE
11/21   Hartford, CT             JOEHRT16
11/22   Red Bank, NJ           RDB16JOE
11/23   Richmond, VA          16RCHJOE
11/25   Durham, NC             JOE16DUR
11/26   Baltimore, MD          BLTJOE16
11/28   Youngstown, OH      16YNGJOE
11/29   Columbus, OH         COL16JOE
11/30   Cincinnati, OH         JOECIN16
12/2     Fort Wayne, IN        16FTWJOE
12/3     Indianapolis, MD     IND16JOE
12/6     Lexington, KY         LEXJOE16
12/7     Memphis, TN         JOE16MPH
12/9     Tulsa, OK              16TULJOE
12/10   Dallas, TX              DALJOE16
12/13   Tucson, AZ            JOETUS16
12/14   San Diego, CA       SND16JOE
12/16   Los Angeles, CA    LA1JOE16
12/17   Los Angeles, CA   JOE16LA2

Best of luck securing tickets and we’ll continue to bring you pre-sale codes in the future.

Photo by Marty Moffatt